What Cade Cunningham Really Turned Down to Commit to OSU (Again)

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“Loyal” is a buzzword, but it rings true as Cade reups with OSU.

He did turn down a lot but he has time to be rich.
Hey KB I have a question. Did KP remove you from football articles for an extended period of time?

Hey Boone - too bad you did not have the benefit of seeing Cade’s video last week and discovering the concept of “Loyalty”. The irony of you highlighting that word in this piece will not be lost on Cowboy fans. It’s been said that things that are presented to us are those that we need to learn most about .Perhaps by following and writing about Cade you’ll discover concepts like loyalty and integrity. Good luck to you!

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Tom2 - Bravo!! Loyal and True.

Interesting. Mr. Boone writing a piece on loyalty. He should know.

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