What Could a Big 12-Only Schedule Look Like for Oklahoma State

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OU twice in a season? Texas-OU to end the year?

This feels a little like…Jr. High?? What’s Option B??


I really hope it doesn’t come to this.

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Bedlam twice?! NO THANKS!!!

Would be a blast!

Yeah, for OU and their fan base. One heartbreak per year is all this Cowboy can take. I’m pushing 40, man!!

This is more of a response to the NCAA commissioner, he says we shouldn’t put student athletes at greater risk than regular students, and that makes sense, however, if the athletes are the only students on campus then their risk of contracting any sort of disease that is transmitted by the community they are a part of is diminished by the fact that there are fewer people around them.
Besides that there is the fact that some athletes are at a higher risk, in general, than regular students just because they play sports that often lead to injuries, it is the nature of the choices they have made. I know the commissioner was talking specifically about the current situation, but still, on the face of it it sounds off.

I really really dislike this option. For a multitude of reasons. Don’t get me wrong…it’s a much better alternative than NO football but so is everything else.

I would love this. Very NFL. It would make the conference games feel more like a marathon than a sprint.

Surely he’s not being serious. They are trying to reduce the number of games not add more