What I Learned from Sharing that Mike Gundy Photo and How it Changed My Career

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I agree. Maybe he can claim that first post wasn’t intended to inflame but that second post about Gundy’s lack of an apology shows his true intent and this articles show us who he is. Neither view is flattering.


I’ve watched here and there too and enjoy the news on overseas issues that you don’t get on other networks.

You misspelled *fortunately


It’s really not fortunate. When the athletes have more power than the coach and school how does anything get done? The coach has to be able to hold his players accountable be hard on them from time to time and coach them what they need to know. If the players have all the power and can just say no we’re not doing it until they get their way you have lost all control of your program. You can’t let kids run the household. With this type of thinking you let a bunch of 18 and 20 year old kids who have never done anything in the real world decide what goes and what doesn’t. Also most of these kids will never step foot in the NFL meaning they’ll have to get a job in the real world and the first time their boss jumps their butt and says be better or your fired what are they going to do? Sit down and say well I’m not doing it unless you meet my demands? If you can’t see the fault in this type of power structure you need help.


If you don’t see the problem with autocracy you need help.


See, Kyle, that sort of crap proves you guys are full of it. You guys can write all this nice guy stuff and try to play the “ah shucks, we didn’t mean anything by it, now we’re the victim” schtick, but you guys haven’t changed your opinion on this. You still see no problem with how it all played out.

Chuba absolutely went about this the wrong way and 100% overreacted. It’s amazing anyone could argue otherwise at this point. But if Chuba had instead acted like someone with a just a normal amount of maturity and doesn’t air all this out in a public forum, you guys don’t benefit from that. That’s what it all comes back to.

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Kyle Boone, I hope you are proud of yourself. You’ve joined the crowd of always trying to get the “breaking news” story that will bring somebody down. This was the first shoe to drop on college campuses and set off a firestorm at other Big 12 schools as well as others nationwide. Student athletes making demands to rename buildings, get rid of a school song, and tear down statues they don’t like.

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Most of those happened before the photo was posted. What ended up happening at OSU was most similar to what happened at FSU, which again, happened before the photo was posted.


It just seems like you want to keep making jabs at Gundy and keep the fire ignited. Just let it go. I don’t feel like this article did you any favors.

  1. We are in a cancel culture where you do not like something you post it on social media. Instead of dealing with the issue man to man.
  2. According to Robert Allen, this tweet just split the OSU locker room. Yes, you did not fire the shot, but you were the bullet in the chamber.
  3. Good luck firing Gundy for expressing his 1st amendment right on his “day off”. Someone in the post compared this to Eddie’s Drunk accident. Wearing a shirt on your day off and almost killing someone because you are intoxicated are two different things.
  4. After Gundy and the team “made up” … PFB…kept making more and more clickbate articles about Gundy vs. OSU vs. Holder vs. the team. That really started to piss me off…because you started to remind me of Traber.
  5. I think you should step down for a while. Honestly, about 80% of OSU do not like you anymore and I will never listen to your podcast or purchase from your sponsors. How is that for cancel culture…
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Didn’t you complain about canceling people… then call for Boone to be canceled? Nice nice nice. Makes sense big dog.


Cancel culture? Isn’t that capitalism? If you say something stupid, and I bring to light that what you say is stupid, and enough people agree, thus reducing your audience and making you a non-viable business interest… so be it.


So you are taking up for the person that destroyed our 2020 Big 12 title hopes?? Really??

In this new world of Cancel Culture, I can get pissed at my boss for (insert here) and get on Facebook / Twitter. The real world doesn’t work that way…if this was any other player than Chuba…Gundy would have let them go so fast…but special players deserves special privilege, right??

Go ahead an defend the person that just ruined our season…

How exactly has Boone ruined our season? Last I checked it was Covid doing that.

And yeah… special players get special privilege. You see that… everywhere? Idk what you’re getting at with that.



The video is why I have a problem with Cancel Culture. Everything you did in the past will be judge in the future. Gundy wore a shirt…everyone has the right to do whatever they want…I just disagree with the way PFB handled the situation as clickbate articles.

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Well if you would stop reading PFB and listen to Robert Allen. This post by Boone started a whole firestorm in the locker room. Pro vs Anti Gundy camps. Not good.

And the only thing they can find on Gundy … He isn’t close to his players…really???

I bet Nick Saban doesn’t know all his players names. Heck, he just steps over them when they are about to die.

Most college head coaches are admin at that level. Managing 100+ people like a project manager. PFB is trying everything they can to get rid of Gundy and then we’ll be like Kansas when they got rid of Mark Mangino. Be careful what you wish for…and don’t ever let 1 player think they are more than the team.

We have no idea how the season will go, if we have it.

No player had been reprimanded in any way for speaking out during this time, most of them are nowhere near as good as Chuba.


I canceled my subscription because of all this. I’m down to my last few days. I most likely would’ve been a life long member. I don’t expect this website to be liberal or conservative. I would hope you wouldn’t know by reading the articles one way or another. It is crystal clear which side this blog is. This is supposed to be a sports blog. I have no problem with posting the picture at all. It is the way you hate on a OAN because they are conservative and try to justify CH reaction to the shirt.