What I Learned from Sharing that Mike Gundy Photo and How it Changed My Career

I do appreciate you writing this Boone. I got a good laugh when you called it “reporting”! Hahaha! Can’t wait for your part two where you address why you posted the “Gundy didn’t apologize” tweet. I’m sure there will be some side splitters in that one too!


I don’t need someone blowing Orange smoke :joy: RA is a good dude but Everyone knows he’s Gundys lap dog.

Saban may not know all of his players but I guarantee he has a relationship with his stars. And he can also afford to do that as he’s at Bama where if you leave it’s just next 5 star up. In order to help evolve players, Gundy has to be involved. Apparently he hasn’t been. :man_shrugging:t2:

Both Kyles have said they don’t want Gundy fired. As they think he’s a good coach and obviously the best OSU has ever had. And is great for their business as well.

Wanting gundy to be checked on some things doesn’t mean they want him gone. And I’ve disagreed plenty with Both porter and Boone but they definitely don’t want him fired. They make mistakes and Boone here admitted he’d take it back. But by no means is Boone ruining the season. :joy:



Have that attitude all you want, but I assure you Cary is not alone. Athletes and sports bloggers only have the power they are now flexing because of their entertainment value, largely to the middle class. That value is quickly evaporating. Society needs doctors, teachers, cops, etc. We do not need college football. There are thousands of ways for humans to entertain themselves on limited budgets. When one form of entertainment becomes unpalatable, another will be ready to take its place.


You can say you did this because you “care” about the betterment of the program and the world at large. But, if that was really your motivation, then you would have first attempted to approach the matter with Gundy and/or the program privately.

Maybe if they shut you down, then you carpet bomb him like you did.

I don’t want to read any articles where you’re somehow bummed out about our recruiting situation when you directly impacted it negatively in a major way.

You did this to make a name for yourself. To be on the “right” side of the twitter fire fight. It’s virtue signaling at its very worst. Kinda exactly like you did with the COVID-19 press conference where SPENCER SANDERS called out your BS.

Very few “true” oSu lifers would have done what you did knowing what would come of it.

As a recommendation for your site, I’d start trying to feature other writers. You’re never going to be able to do anything that ever improves our recruiting or national branding as much as you damaged it in one self-serving post.

By the way - I hate OAN and all the far right propaganda. But I hate pot-stirs more than either side of the political spectrum, and the worst pot-stir is the one who does it for his own gain at the expense of others. Hope that bed you’ve made is comfy.


It has been two weeks I guess and haven’t heard any bad news except the de commits. Yet here comes article 13 on a TShirt You could have saved the pity party you were giving yourself, you made up for it with the drivel that OAN being such a far leaning right organization. Compared to CNN or MSNBC they come far closer to being in the middle … You are in Oklahoma, a very red state, despite your left leaning I would suggest writing about OSU and leave the politics out. I didn’t buy the
“ what I learned about myself “ at all


I’d cancel too but I can’t figure out how to do it from my phone.

He wants to put it behind him yet he writes a long article which feels like he’s trying to justify his actions. Just apologize and move on!!


I was surprised when Gundy commented that during the quarantine he had been just sitting around and watching OAN. (Long before the T-shirt pic.) I kind of thought it was a political statement at the time and he should avoid those kind of comments. Agree or disagree with OAN, you would be aware of their position or agenda on many social and political issues if you were sitting around and watching very much of their broadcasts. Wanting to plead ignorance to OAN’s position, (agree or disagree) and trying to dismiss as being a dumbass is really hard for me to believe.

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" But by no means is Boone ruining the season. "
Well if it’s such a benefit maybe Boone should do it every week. Maybe he should go through every coaches clothes to see if they were a Lynyrd Skynyrd fan or Dukes of Hazard. There’s got to be a coach who loved Alabama (the country band) there’s a double whammy Alabama and Country.

Look, if you guys are oh so triggered by the fact that Kyle Boone shared the photo and the fallout that came from it, then leave. Go follow the Sooners or something.


Touchy feely BS.

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Cancel culture = Gundy losing his job. That didn’t happen FYI.

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Gundy did it to himself…dude didnt know he was leading a group of black men :man_shrugging:

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Boone, here’s the thing. Posting that OAN pic ended up being a good thing for Gundy, the players, OSU, and the fan base. It caused change that needed to happen and may not have without your action and Chuba’s reaction. The arrogance of Gundy needed to be checked and that is done. The program will be better going forward.

That said, where I think it went wrong is that you, as a representative of this blog, posted the pic. As you pointed out you have a reputation of stirring the pot and taking contrarian stances. That is great if you are editorializing for a media outlet that covers politics or even a general sports site. However, you work for a blog that covers Oklahoma State Sports. If I were a skilled writer and had the opportunity to get paid to write for a blog that covers my passion, I would consider my audience.

Again, I’m glad you posted the pic since good has come of it. I would just rather not have had all this started because of PFB.

One more thing. You are 100% right about OAN and those on this site that think they are unbiased need to take a hard look at their understanding of unbiased.

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Would you agree that CNN and MSNBC are just as bias if not more?

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Jesus get off that high horse man haha

You lost all “I care about the program” credibility the second you said this should have been taken care of privately and all hush hush.

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OAN is not as near problematic as you think, IF you watch it. I don’t agree with them on everything. I believe black lives very much matter. But do I believe in all things done in the name of BLM? (DALLAS: “fry 'em like bacon”).
This is the only state in the nation where 100%
of the counties voted red in the 2016 election. What did you expect? You, like Gundy, have a stage. It’s a sports blog. Best leave politics out.
By the way, did you get your contract reworked?

Yeah I did. Thanks for asking bro

Sorry, you shouldn’t have. That’s my point: Keep politics off a sports blog.

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Why do you think I should have had my contract reworked? Also, sports and politics have never been more intertwined than right now.