What is a Successful Football Season for Oklahoma State in 2020?

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How many wins does OSU need to rack up?

This year OSU has an opportunity to win the B12. Thst being said it won’t be easy. However, I think OSU has to take advantage of its opportunity and win the league this year. If OSU goes 7-2 and doesn’t even make the title game by losing to its participants then the I grade the season as unsuccessful. If they make the title game but lose to OU twice, again it’s unsuccessful. OSU cannot continue stating it has had a successful season, when they have a potential title worthy team and then not win it. Really this season is title or bust. If not now, when?

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Agreed. With what we have coming back on both sides of the football, this is the year to win it all. If Gundy doesn’t win it this year, he’s never going to win it again.


Anything less than 7 is a major disappointment. Should have at least 8.

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Realistically? Probably 7-3

OSU fans? 9-1

Probable Outcome? 6-4