What Matthew-Alexander Moncrieffe Would do to OSU's Class of 2020

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Top 10, here they come.

Looking at his top 3 choices, the only team having a great season is Seton Hall, ranked 16. Compare that to OSU having one of its worse seasons ever. However, what OSU has as its Ace up its sleeve is the number one recruit. So does this kid choose a successful team, or does he gamble that Cade can turn the Cowboys into a good team? He also has to ask what will the team be like after Cade is one and done? Will he be stuck with a lack luster team when he could shine with a winner like Seton Hall? Coach Boynton is still an unproven coach in terms of creating winning teams. So he has a pretty tough decision to make. If he wants plenty of publicity then the choice should be OSU because of Cade. But Cade, Ice, Yor, and Montcrieffe should be able to win some Big 12 games.