What QB Alan Bowman's Commitment Means for OSU in 2023

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What it means for OSU and the QB position in 2023.

Great write up!

My issue (not with the article) is “ He was thrust into a pretty rough situation in an offensive scheme that was centered around a mobile quarterback behind a play-caller that has, shall we say, come under some scrutiny for his scheme and play-calling. Not a great situation.”

Ok…I know it isn’t easy to scheme but why couldn’t Dunn and Gundy adjust to Rangel and even little Gundy’s strengths. Watched a game where Gundy was QB and thought, why is he running a Sanders game plan? I just think knowing Sanders was injury prone, they should’ve always plan for a backup plan. Idk maybe I am wrong.

Did we lose 78 recievers?

We may need all the qb’s. They seem to have injuries.
Since gundy had a nice game against the best big 12 defense, why are we crowning the other. Then we have zane.

3 things i hope alan can do. Find up recievers, dont hold the ball and throw it away in the stand not to them.

Hope this next group of recievers can catch the ball.

Be nice to get a center unless they think sanders can get on the 2 deep.

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On Cody Stovalls pod cast he claims we are going back to old school old school football. More TE play and RB play. We semi tried that the year before. I would love to see more TE usage I think the lack of that on offense really hurts. He also had a guess on his show a while back that’s within the program claiming we are sticking to the schemes till we get the right guys in. My guess will probably be sticking to the same schemes. Bowman was a okay pickup but I don’t think he’ll stay healthy enough long enough.

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If the line doesn’t see some serious improvement you’re probably right about his health.

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No, but when you lose the following guys:

JPR, Stefon Johnson, Braylin Presley, Langston Anderson, Bryson Green, Spencer Sanders, Braydon Johnson it doesn’t bode well. Essentially your best receivers coming back so far are Presley, Bray, and Shettron. Don’t know how good this kid from Washington State is yet. Couple that with the fact that this coaching staff can’t seem to keep an offensive line together.

Bowman has been warming the bench as a 3rd team QB at Michigan the last two years. The one thing I worry with him is that he might by rusty after not playing in an actual game for any length of time in nearly three years. Potential is there but it still doesn’t mean this staff is going to place him in the best position to succeed. If we decide to run him like Sanders you can bet your a$s at some point during the season he’s going to get hurt. Then we just repeat the cycle of not being able to score over 20 points per game all over again.

I believe he’s concussion prone too, I’m more worried about him taking a big hit. Gundy didn’t want Sanders to run much. He wanted him to stay in the pocket and limit him to 8 runs a game. I’m not sure if we can develop or coach the line to being average before the season starts. I’m hoping for average line play cause we can win games with an average o’line. I do feel these wide receivers leaving hurts.

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The Howard kid from LSU is in the portal too. Should look at him too.

Lots of post season speculation, I’m sure the coaches are adjusting on the fly as best they can. That’s their full time job not occasional pondering and stabbing at speculation.

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