What’s the Actual Difference between Cade Cunningham’s First and Second Halves?

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The numbers might surprise you.

Well by the stats he has warm up by second half.
After a half defense’s guys get a lil tired so he gets free more

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Good article!

@marshall, I would be curious to see what % of OSU’s points come from Cade in the 1st half and what % come from him in the 2nd half (you can include or exclude OT for this analysis). Do you have that data handy from the analysis you did for this article? My hypothesis - which might be quickly disproven - is that heightened defense late in games reduces overall scoring and increases the % of Cade scoring. Then again, late-game foul trouble could offset this as could early-game cold shooting. Just curious if there is anything statistically interesting or significant here.

I don’t have that info off hand, but I can do some quick maths when I get time.

Cade doesn’t see just one defender on him he has two to four within 10 feet of him at times. How many times did he get the ball to wide open guys that miss a three ? Everyone is geared to stopping him. Guys need to finish when he gets them the ball…
Plus the turnovers have to stop. Anderson gets so out of control at times. He has developed a lot from last year though. The dribbling into traffic never ends well

I’m glad Cade isn’t going all “Trae Young” and playing hero-ball the entire game. OU was a sh1t-show that season. By Cade not being selfish, the rest of the team is involved and developing (looking at you Kalib). If they all just stood around watching Cade dribble, drive/shoot - no one would develop. I feel like he’s just playing like he’s one of the 5 until the 2nd half when HCMB wants him to take over (and be selfish). just my 2cents


Just a tad bit of selfishness in the first half would go a long way I think. Nothing crazy but taking a few more shots can’t hurt.

If he is cold it can be bad. He also has double teams hard on him in the 1st.