What the Big Ten’s Latest Realignment Ambitions Mean for the Big 12

Originally published at: What the Big Ten’s Latest Realignment Ambitions Mean for the Big 12 | Pistols Firing

The Big 12 continues to be in good shape.

I doubt Oregon and Washington would sign on to a much lower TV deal when they seem to be on the B1G radar. If they balk when the final offer comes across from PAC commissioner Kliavkoff, because they think holding out for the B1G is worth it, the other teams are going to get nervous and be more willing to accept a better offer from the Big XII. Utah would be #1 on my list, but I would also consider Boise St., maybe Colorado (if they groveled enough and didn’t upchuck any woke nonsense) and maybe the Arizona schools. None of the coastal PAC schools would be compatible with the Big XII due to wokeness and their superiority complex for fly-over state universities. 16 is the magic number.

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If this chit came from dodd i wouldt put anything into it.
Steele i would hope is being lied to and he isnt passing bs.
Big 10 has plenty of dead weight. Who want to watch cali at Rutgers big 10 is not going after California.

Any talks about the acc teams is moot. They will have to con teams in to a new deal. Which would release teams maybe. Theyneed 8 teams to come up with new homes to end the acc. No court will release a team. No team will pay 500 million to get out of the acc.

How if for real helps hurt osu.

The biggest deal would mean nd didnt get 75 million from nbc. Which would end any thoughts of nbc airing big 12 games.

The other thing ig we get unlimited chit teams from pac12 and acc.

Last deal would be sec getting more teams to counter big10. We could get in sec.

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Just putting lipstick on a pig

Still think we will end up in the sec.

I don’t think OSU is going to the SEC. We don’t bring enough “value” and they already have the bigger brand in the state of Oklahoma. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s where I’m at right now.

As for the Big 12, I think they’ll add some combinations of the four corners schools and they wait for the ACC to collapse to add more.

Jeff, I so hope you are right. To me, SEC money would be a life line for Cowboy football. It’s going to come down to TV markets and bottom line for ESPN and Fox. I’m concerned.

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Jarrod, I agree. When Rutgers is more “valuable” than the Cowboys we are in trouble.


I don’t want to go to the SEC and have to deal with all the blue blood band wagon fans. In my dream world we stay in a viable B12 where all the teams rise to the occasion, well except maybe Kansas, steel sharpens steel so to speak as we play each other and then we all kick SEC/B10 butt in the bowl season in the playoff, NY6 and other bowls. That’s my rainbows and unicorns fantasy.


Don’t think ND is going anywhere but where they are right now. Too big a brand to join anyone, maybe if forced to, ( keeping them out of the playoffs ) I don’t want to watch our games at 9:30 at night and no desire to be in a conference with Stanford, Washington and their bullshit wokeness

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Latest news we may have a bidding war. Its been put out that cbs wants big 12.


That’s great news. Where did you see that?

I totally understand where you’re coming from. I don’t want to go the SEC because I don’t want to be the same conference as OU. We need to break out and establish our own identity apart from them. However, if OSU can get into the SEC (which I don’t think will happen) and that’s the best option, I would begrudgingly accept it. Personally, I would love for OSU to be in the Big 10. Not only is the money good but we could be successful in that conference. Of course that won’t happen because we’re not an AAU school.

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Looks like every game of the big 12 will end up on ESPN +.

When it’s all said and done, we can take what’s left of pac12 and call it " the little brother conference "

Very insightful stuff you post

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It’s a gift.

Ive heard so many, i cant remember. Im sure it was one of sickum 365 guest.


I read that as well Robert. Since this article is based on rumor (Warren hasn’t said anything about expanding further into the PAC) I saw where Notre Dame, in their negotiations with NBC and shoulder programming with the Big 12, would insist on Stanford and Cal join the Big XII to allow ND to play them each year with their away games (California sites) broadcast as part of the Big XII shoulder programming contract.

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Did it saw cal also im not sure why cal is being thrown around. They are one foot in the grave with their football. they arnt a top nd rival. I would take stanford navy and boston college if it got us in with nd and nbc. better. If we could get both nbc and cbs would be great.

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