What to Know About Cowboys QB Dru Brown as he Prepares for First OSU Start

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Everything you need to know about Dru Brown ahead of his first start at OSU.

Not crazy about his 1st start coming on the road; but, I have confidence in him. His game time has looked good. I think they can keep a lot of the run options on the books for him. I mean, he’s no SS in the running game (I don’t think), but he’ll do fine…right?

@Clint_in_Idaho he’s going to do fine. He’s shown nothing but being a solid young man from his commitment, gametime here and interviews as well as his talks about his faith . We are in good hands and our offensive scheme will largely look the same . The O line looks to be back to the original lineup as of last week which obviously bodes well.

Get well soon Spencer and make us proud Dru Brown


He may not run like Spencer, but I’d be surprised if our passing yards don’t go up significantly.


Cool - thanks for the tone of your response!

Yeah - I’d probably agree. He’s probably more the typical “oSu QB” we’re used to…sort of. He seems a little like Zac to me.