What We Learned from OSU's 27-15 Win over Arizona State

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It’s still a work in progress.

Defense- Solid when it needs to be. Gives up big plays early in the game. Can’t really ask for a much better second half. A shutout with less than 100 yards I believe.

Offense- Gonna have to solve the slow starts. That’s going to kill us in conference play if we start slow offensively and the defense hasn’t been able to adjust yet.

Special Teams- I’ll admit is pretty good. Looks like Hale has some stuff figured out and no big plays given up on kickoff or punt returns.

Another note: Looks like our brand new D2 coordinator is more competent in his position than our D1 OC that’s in year four.


The OL looked like it was still doing zone blocking, I thought we were going to do the hat on a hat ? That would be the best i would think. Maybe that changes this week going ahead ?

We learned that the biggest problem for them is still a major problem that I swear any highschool coach would have fixed over a 15 stinking year period for gods sake. Still have a consistency problem all over the offensive side of the ball. We still just muddy up every game to barely win no mater who we play when we win. Still have no great quarterback and the head coach still struggles with even picking the right quarterback to play on Saturdays. I mean for gods sake it’s the only position he played in football! O yea and he is still in charge and getting worst and older every year. Other than that special teams has been a pluse and seem to be solid along with the defense.


I have this feeling that if it’s too complicated for Dunn and Dickey to figure out, then it’s probably not going to happen.

“*** You’d love to have your team step off the bus on Week 1 as a well-oiled machine and even more so by Week 2. But that’s not always going to happen, especially with the type of turnover OSU dealt with this offseason.**”

Turnover doesn’t seem to have hurt Colorado. No team had more player turnover. :cowboy_hat_face:


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What turnover? I’ve listened to Robert on this board. All we lost was a backup-level QB and a handful of backup WRs to the portal. The O-Line is back. The best RBs are back. Only 1 of the QBs is ‘new’ to the system. The coaching staff is back. I get that argument for the defense, which has 9 new starters, a new system and a new coordinator, but that excuse doesn’t fly for the offense.


I don’t consider myself a Gundy detractor, just a realist. I so wish that he didn’t consider oSu a training/proving ground for division one coordinators. If they work out eventually, they move on just about the time he starts patting himself on the back, along with the media, for the hire!! Meanwhile, we accept years of mediocrity in the positions. Holgy, Monken, Knowles were indeed good hires. Yurcich, Mason, Nardo… etc ad nauseum, not so much. jmho

(Personally wish that Clements had gotten the promotion, but maybe something internal has kept him from it. We just tend to do better alumni/internal moves than some of the outside hires. Looking forward to JW being the OC. lol)

I wasn’t a fan of the Nardo hire when it was announced but I would say so far so good. They’ve been in pretty good positions to get stops most of the time if the guys could just complete the tackle.


The one thing I’ve noticed with the huge homers on the blog the last 10 months is that there’s an excuse for everything.

The last time Gundy hired a DC internally he fired him. It tends to look like it’s going to head that direction with the OC position too. Then again, he decided to retain him this season. So who knows now :man_shrugging:. It seems strange that Gundy is predictable on the field, but not so much with his hiring / retaining practices.


What’s your excuse for being here ? There really isn’t one joy

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Cause I’m a fan and support the team. I don’t HAVE TO act like everything is just fine though. It’s obvious we have problems offensively, and it needs to be fixed. The defense looks solid so far though besides giving up a few big plays here and there.