What will divisions look like and how much input will the teams have?

I was wondering how much input teams will have on who is in what division? Gundy said, he would like to stay with the Texas schools. What if the 4 teams are added and OU and Texas have not left yet? What will those divisions look like? Would they have to put OU and Texas into different divisions, so when they left they would not have to realign the divisions? Could there be a world where Texas and OU are in different divisions and they are not playing in any intra-divisions games? Could OU and Texas be in the same boat when they move to SEC? Inquiring minds want to know. :slight_smile:

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Thats a great point. Yes spilt them up. It will be easier For the next year. And it will piss them off by making their game a noncon game.

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It would probably cost the conference too much money. But it would be funny.

Logistically, you have to put BYU and West Virginia in different divisions, right?

@jake4 that makes sense. So the low-hanging fruit.
BYU to the west and WV to the east. Cincinnati would be east. I guess ISU would be east?
Then what?
OU to the east and Texas to the west? or vice versa?
Since we are pie in the sky here and Gundy wants to stay with Texas schools. All of them to the west?
Does Houston have a rivalry that needs to be kept intact?



That looks like it’s the best that can happen.
Unless we make ou and Texas in to their own division.

First of all, back to the original post, I don’t know how much control teams have in division alignment and/or intra-division scheduling. If the BIG 12 could put them in a different division and/or control the scheduling, either not playing or playing at the end of NOV would be the worst insult. If Bedlam is getting interrupted, then why not the Red River Rivalry?
I hope that does not sound vindictive. :grin:

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Not at all​:innocent::japanese_ogre:

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My guess would be BYU, OU, and the Texas schools would be in west. Everyone else would be in the East.
That let’s you keep the Red River Shootout (still a big TV draw), but prevents a rematch in the conference championship game.
Once OU and Texas leaves, OSU would slide over to the West.

The whole point is to separate the two teams. We can justify it. By saying we want in to be like it will be when they leave.

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My main reason to separate is to show ou and Texas we final have balls. Buy saying this is the division ur in. If u dnt like u can pay more and leave.


@robert28 if I could hit like more than once, I would have. That is exactly my thoughts.

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I’m guessing BYU is the only team that will ever be in the league with OU and Texas. I suspect they’ll leave early.

The timing of bringing in the new teams could be arranged. BYU and Florida Central in the 22-23 or 23-24 season, then Houston and CinCin the season after uO and Tejas depart. With the East West Divisions being BYU, oSu and all the Texas schools. Texas would travel to BYU first year. uO would travel to Florida.

I expect the Texas schools to be split across the divisions. Probably TCU-Baylor on one side and Tech-Houston on the other. All of the conference teams will get a game in Texas every year. You can bet on it, or you can bet that ISU & KU will be flashing their scholastic certifications to the Big10 brass every chance they get and will be gone the minute they can be.

It wouldn’t bother me in the least is ISU and KU left the conference. That would drop us back to 10 teams and play a Round Robin each year, which I really like.

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If Kansas left, who’d notice in football?! :joy:

And ISU can go 0-12 every year for the rest of time for all I care. That’d be good payback for 2011. Matter of fact, they can lose every game from now on 0-60.

Ur rite, we would lose that bye week too.

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Dont care. Basketball conference gets a heck of a lot easier to win without KU in it. Self is dirty anyway. Let him go to the Big 10 and watch Wisconsin and Iowa show up in Lawrence w/ 3 guys bigger than that center that we couldn’t stop. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: