What would chasing the gold ring in fb look like to you

Not a conversation to complain, just discuss what this would look like, what negative consequences would be acceptable,
Example, it’s only an example not a suggestion:
go after Urban
If it doesn’t work and there are 3-4 down years I’d be ok because I know they took a shot.
How long can this stay on topic

This is a fascinating question that I’m going to have to think about more in-depth. I can say, though, that there are some things that need to happen to get there:

  1. Recruiting needs to take a jump. We need to be getting top-25 classes every year, without exception. I know, I know, there are a whole lot of other factors that are part of it, but let’s assume that we can finish around #20 each year in recruiting with occasional years of better than that. That right there pushes us from 3rd in the conference to contending.

  2. We need to beat OU. Not every year, but it needs to be regular-ish. If we can get them every third try or so, that changes the makeup of the conference.

  3. Win the Big 12. Again, not every year is necessary (although ideal) but we should be in that title game a significant amount of the time. Change the conversation from ‘Who is OU playing this year?’ to ‘Who is getting the better of Bedlam 2.0?’

  4. Invest energy into reconnecting with the fanbase. Do you know why Boynton is so beloved, even though we haven’t won anything with him yet? He is busting his butt, going around Stillwater, going around the country, connecting and charming fans, showing up, and putting on a show for the brand. He shows that he is 100% invested in doing whatever he has to in order to make his team legendary. He goes on social media and drops the eyes emoji. He’s utilizing what is in his power to make fans feel like they’re part of the growing process. Fans WANT to love football - show them why.

  5. Let the coaches coach. Let Gleeson/the OC run the plays. Let the D go wild. Hire a special teams coach. We hire these guys for a reason - let them do their jobs.

  6. Get the fire back. Get OSU that reputation back of being mean and a team that will kick your teeth in on both offense and defense. No more game management - we play our game and we win that way.

The thing for all of these? Every single one of them is doable with Gundy. Every single one. None of these changes would require a new head coach. We could get there if we put in that much more effort.

However, if that’s not workable, then the new head coach (I don’t know who right now…maybe Jeff Scott from Clemson) needs to be someone like MB - that fire, that enthusiasm, and that willingness to say ‘screw it - I’m gonna sell these elite players on OSU if it’s the last thing I do’.

We have a lot that we can build on in the service of winning a title. It’s just a matter of doing it.

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I think Gundy is chasing the gold ring but I think he’s taking a practical approach. Win at a clip that puts you top 10-15, look for the year when the stars are aligned and pull out all the stops, don’t chase the impossible dream keep your floor high enough that you always are relevant.
I’d like to see 4 things

  1. Hire a so called super recruiter, it’s worked for other programs, maybe throw enough money at his brother to bring him in
  2. Hire a ST coordinator
  3. Take a less hands on approach to the OC, I truthfully don’t know how hands on he is but he gives the appearance that he’s highly involved and that’s not a good look because it means there’s no outside accountability for any game failures, it’s the OC, no it’s the HC or reverse it.
  4. If the current dc doesn’t work then go for the gusto on the next dc hire, aim high spend money, don’t settle.
    Caveat- most of this requires money I don’t know the program has.
    The good news is that if the money is there none of this is out of reach and if the money is not there the current approach is doing just fine so you’re not jeopardizing it.
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oSu will be in a great position after the Mike Gundy era. The success of the hire will depend on who is selected. However, the chance to realistically compete for titles has changed since oSu replaced Les Miles with Mike Gundy. Gundy’s legacy will be marked by the rise of the program to 2011 and the inability to capitalize on that success. Gundy has been great for oSu, but oSu has been even better to Mike Gundy. Finding a coach to have success in Stillwater is attainable. The legacy of Mike Gundy will be how he ran the program and treated his players. It will not be for his game management, offensive schemes, special teams involvement, or recruiting. That leaves plenty on the table for others to improve upon. However, Gundy is the GOAT because of his efforts on the playing field and sustained success at the helm of the football program.

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