What's Next for the Big 12? As Colorado (Reportedly) Leaves Pac-12, Four Paths the League Could Take

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More Pac-12 raiding? Adding hoops powerhouses? Something else?

You call Oregon. Make em’ turn you down. You then go down the line to Utah/Washington. Once you get either of those…you get the Zona schools. This is a MAJOR upgrade for the Big 12. Now, what will it do for the Cowboys longterm hopes of becoming the bigboy of this Conf…???


Yormark needs to set a deadline for UA, ASU and Utah. Say Aug. 15. Come on or we’re proceeding with the assumption you’re staying in Pac 12; we can’t promise the offer to join us will be available later – if/when Oregon and Washington and others leave for Big 10.

It’s hardball time.

:100: agree. If you can snag Washington and especially Oregon, you go for it. Phil Knight working with Bret Yormark would be straight :fire:.
My only concern would be if they want some preferential treatment where they could go to the Big 10 with no penalty if they come calling.

How I’m expecting the Big 12 to look:
West: Arizona, Arizona State, BYU, Utah
South: Baylor, Houston, TCU, Texas Tech
Central: Colorado, Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma State
East: Cincinnati, Iowa State, UCF, West Virginia
Play everyone in your pod and two teams from each of the other three pods.

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Why would you box yourself into a corner like that? Oregon is the one that everyone is going to want. Threatening or trying to strong arm those other 3…does what? The Big 12 adding Colorado doesnt all of a sudden put them in a position to start giving a Washington or Utah some type of ultimatum

The only way id make any type of “threat” to anyone would be if the PAC starts adding teams like San Diego St or SMU or some of those teams. If the PAC starts adding teams, then clearly its going to be an arms race between the PAC/Big 12.

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I’m with you on this. Go for the brass ring. Go do the big sell job to Oregon. I think them coming to the B12 would do good things for their program without them having to do a ■■■■ thing. I think it would be better than going to the B1G and being a door mat.

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Oregon’s program wont be a doormat if they went to the Big 10. It would enhance their program, if anything. Oregon out-recruits everyone in that league not named Ohio St and is on par with Michigan in most years. I have no clue how or why youd think theyd all of a sudden become a doormat

The B1G is top-heavy in football. They’ve got a lot of average programs. I contend the B12 is a stronger football conference top to bottom.

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The current Big 12 is stronger top to bottom? It fluctuates. Ohio St/Mich & OU/TX are a wash. Nebraska, Mich St, Wisconsin, & Iowa are good programs. Tell me who from the current Big 12 are BETTER OVERALL than those 4!?!?

If you think the new Big 12, minus OU/TX is better……then you’re crazy.

And if you think the Big 10 is average……then how is Oregon going there and being a doormat? By your logic……shouldn’t they go to that “average” Conf & win?

The on field performance of the Big 12 is better than the Big 10 top to bottom. The Big 10 has better top end teams but there is a lot of garbage in that conference.

The on field performance……how do you quantify that? Penn St. Iowa. Wisconsin. Nebraska. Mich St. Give me a group of 5 from the Big 12 that are better overall football programs? Not what you think will happen. Not who you think would win a head-to-head matchup next year. Better overall programs meaning facilities, history, success, ability to win at a high level, recruiting going fwd. What 5 Big 12 jobs are better than the ones I mentioned?

Look at the Big 10 in bowl season. Mediocre. Just like their March performances. Outside of the top group there is a whole lot of mediocre to bad.

@DickeySucksAtHisJob Bowl performances!!! That’s what you’re basing it off of!!! How teams, who have a shell of a roster based on opt-outs, coaching changes etc……play in a glorified exhibition game!!! That’s absolute comedy.

FYI……who did OSU lose to last bowl season!!!
FYI….the Big 12’s bowl record last season was 2-7
FYI……the Big 10’s was 5-4

You just got destroyed in this debate. Moving on sir.

1 year. “Destroyed” Lol.

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If I’m going to base results off one year then I just watched the Big 10 champion lose in the CFP to the Big 12 runner-up. See how that works?

@bill18 I think you need to read the entire discussion before jumping in late. I think it’s ridiculous to base it off 1 bowl season. I was not the one who brought that up.

You’re seriously including Nebraska in this? They haven’t been relevant in twenty years. Iowa is a perennial 8-4 type of team that has yet to discover the forward pass. Like I said, the B1G is top-heavy. You’ve got Ohio St., Michigan, Wisconsin, MSU (sometimes, not lately), Iowa (good program, not great), Penn St. and Minnesota (recent success after years of being a doormat), then you’ve got Northwestern, Rutgers, Maryland, Illinois, Purdue, and Indiana. Yeah, we don’t have an Ohio St., but top to bottom, I’d put OSU, Baylor, TCU, Kansas St., Tech, UCF, etc. Tell me, does the Big12 have a Northwestern? A Rutgers? An Indiana? Like I said, top to bottom we match up.

I did read it.

If all you care about is the current W-L record when evaluating an overall program……then I can’t help you. The fact that you say Nebraska hasn’t been relevant in 20 years…….and you come with UCF?!?!?! Get the heck outta here. UCF?!?!?! I’m not even entertaining this discussion again. You guys are right. The Big 10 sucks. The Big 12 is really good. Ohio St , USC & Mich, with 10 nobody’s is a better league than what the current 24’ Big 12 lineup is. The fact that you listed Penn St as the 5th best in that league…….is laughable. You may wanna look at what type of program that is. And USC……not a bad one either. :joy::joy::joy::man_facepalming:t4: Ohio St. Michigan. USC. Penn St. Wisconsin. Nebraska. All are better FOOTBALL PROGRAMS than anyone left in the Big 12 after OU/TX leave. That’s just fact