What's the criteria?

Thats funny off field issues. That kind of goes hand and hand with ou?

The penalties may still happen next year. Last year with so many new players we had a ton.

Gundy went to indoor stuff too. I think he picked up a lil more last year. But I dnt know anybody does tuff practices anymore.

“off field issues. That kind of goes hand and hand with ou?” Yeah. OU is the only program that has had off-the field issues. Choir boys and scholars everywhere else

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Talk about misinformed. I thought I told u we don’t want perverts on here. Tootles is what Micky says.

By the way a&m have natty’s.

Gundy won the conference in 6 years.

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Then turned into mediocre Mike.

Well, mediocre would be a high water mark for your comments, so maybe give it a rest. You’re at Bob Simmons level of commentary.

Bob Simmons was a better threat to OU than Gundy. :smiley::grinning::smile::grin::smiley::grinning::smile::grin::smiley::grinning::smile::grin:

You’re a threat to OU. They’re going to lose their crown of dumbest and worst fans to you.

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So then what’s Campbell, mediocre now? Can’t win the conference, won 7 games after being a preseason top ten team. Terrible coach in your eyes

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You just keep supporting the coach who has lost more Bedlam’s than any coach in history.

We’ll see about Campbell, he didn’t get to start with a team that had just went to 3 consecutive bowls.

I thought bowl games didn’t matter?

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It puts you in the top 80. 50 teams don’t make a bowl each year. So making a bowl means you’re at least better than 39% of the teams.

So bowls do matter now

I believe they matter but being better than 39% is very mediocre.

I will admit 39% looks really good when looking at Gundy’s dismal 17.6% winning percentage against OU.

Ah there it is

No here’s where it is. We have a coach who claims we are the second best team in the conference the last 10 years while Baylor has 3 conference titles and Gundy has zero.

Oh okay buddy, stay salty

I thought you bought tickets to the NY6 bowl. You’re supporting him more than I am. If you don’t support him stop going, stop watching, and most importantly, stop commenting here.

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You have to support the program if you want it to improve. It’s just not improving now.