What's the criteria?

“Last week I happened to be scrolling through Twitter and saw that 247Sports released their top 15 college football coaches.”

Is this supposed to be the coaches of the top 15 teams at the end of next season? Or is this the top 15 coaches that win the game that they are favored and win a few that they are not?

I have no idea what ur asking. I do know that heartland magazine did an article about this article being a joke with out gundy being on it.


I saw that, too. Having Campbell over Gundy is nonsense.

What’s the criteria? Clickbait and feels.


The criteria is whatever they want it be to justify their biases and preconceived narratives.


Kind of makes you wonder why they would intentionally leave Gundy off, doesn’t it?

Maybe it’s his dismal record against OU or the fact that he can’t win a second conference title while Baylor makes it seem like anyone one they hire is just 3 years away. For whatever reason they are not buying the "top ten wins the last 5 and 10 years " . Maybe without any hardware, it don’t mean as much to them.

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OK, so why is Matt Campbell on there? Oh, right, you’re stupid.


The iowa coach has won since 2004 Campbell top out at 9 wins Baylor just came off 2 win season. Are these the things ur tell us we’re missing jug.

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Campbell has a better record against OU and has made and made it to the conference championship game in 6 years.

Topped out at 9 wins. Took the best team and won 7 games.

What’s his record against Iowa?

I havent seen the article, but reading the thread it seems as though Campbell is on the list while Gundy isnt? If you have a list that ranks coaches and you ADD Campbell and omit Gundy…then your list has no merit. Its harder to win at Iowa St than it is @OSU, but thats due in part to the kind of job Gundy has done in Stillwater. His success has made OSU into a better job than ISU. The only criteria in which Campbell should/would clearly be listed in a better position than Gundy would be if you were talking about potential to be hired to fill a vacancy. Gundy wouldnt be listed near as high as Campbell because anyone with any sense knows Gundy isnt going anywhere

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Heartland magazine has 2 articles. One writing asking why gundy wasn’t on there. The other writer doing a big 12 coaches list. U’ll be happy do know they had ur coach 2nd without a win.
I watched some sports utube. They were from oklahoma but not ou or osu. Their biggest question was the offensive line. But, they do feel the same about the defense, since who the coach is. Just some info for u. Dnt have say tootlse

Yes. I’d say that they just ranked him for still being a young, exciting coach, but they had Firentz on the list too… lower than Campbell who Firentz routinely beats.

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Ferentz is one of the most overrated coaches in my book. He at one point one of the highest paid coaches in college football.

Would be in my top 25, probably, but the article only went to 15 and had him at 15.

You’ve continually made references to OU’s new HC & his lack of experience. Him being “2nd without a win”. At least your guy @jake4 was willing to make a prediction (OU finishes 3rd or 4th). I said OU plays for the Conf title. Let’s hear where you think they’ll finish? Rather than vaguely making inferences.

I also made another reference to ur line.
Like I said I dnt think Brent will be that bad. I would want to go to the sec real soon if I was him. My whole deal is how fast can he make a jig saw puzzle. Ou did great in recruiting and portal. But how many of the recruits will be on the 2 deep. How many portal guys play out. Compare that to what ou lost.
So with everything going on is the jig saw going to fit first year.

I will give just one example out of what 6 or 7.
Qb. Last year u guys hard 2 talented qb. U can admit the 1 u got is down from either. I mention a guy like brewer how is a good lost a step after his injury. Guy coming from the aac. Now true back up. And I have to mention the lack of an improved front line.

I think I made a comment that ou will be a top 4. It’s still early. What happens to ur prediction if qb gets hurt before the season starts. I just can bring myself to say their winning the big 12.

I was watching a longhorn show they had alot of the same thoughts as with the oklahoma show I watched.
Do I think they can’t no. They are still the most talented team in the big 12.

You keep referencing OU’s Oline play from this past season and using it as a type of barometer for the upcoming season. In your opinion, give me your top 3 or 4 OLines from the past season? Im asking where would you put OU in ranking last seasons OLine? While I say the OU line wasnt near what it had been…OU still led the league in Total Offense. They statistically ran the ball better than OSU. Again, im not at all saying the OU Oline was some great unit, because it definitely wasnt. But it still was productive enough to have them a play away from getting to Arlington. Hopefully you can admit that a better strength and conditioning program, with an added sense of toughness and physicality COULD make that unit better. If youre making a unit better that led the league in Offense the year prior…then ill take it. You say “I have to mention the lack of an improved front line”. Again, it led the league in offense. If OU leads the league in offense in 22’…I think the program will be fine. You also may wanna go see who led the SEC in offense…it was Ole Miss with Lebby. I absolutely admit that there are question marks. But the narrative that OU was terrible or that the cupboard is bare is not accurate.

You also mention what OU lost. The biggest losses in order were Caleb Williams, Kennedy Brooks, Nik Bonnito, Brian Asamoah, Perrion Winfrey. Ive said multiple times that losing the potential best QB int he country is definitely a setback. But Dillon Gabriel with Lebby (IF HES HEALTHY) can be very good. The 2 teams that played for the Conf Title last season didnt have consistently great QB play…so OU can be very successful if you have GOOD QB play and a very good defense. Baylor and OSU made it to the title game without Caleb Williams. So OU could too.

We were talking about osu line. But, ok.
We had injuries and moved around new guys. Still gave up the fewest sacks. We have 2 starters to replace. One guy started 4 games in one spot so really 1 guy.

I didn’t pay attention to ur line. Except when they gave up sacks to us. But, I understand that replace 3 on a not great line is not what u want.
Yes the got a guy from Cali who’s tranfer # made him a 4 star. They had hype on the ucla guy last year. Who has Cali played that had play makers that the big 12 have.

My other clues are other people talking about the line. Lincoln wasn’t happy with last year’s line. And others have said it’s the weak point. Mainly because the have faith that Brent will fix the d.
I’ve given my thoughts on Dillon. My point is he has about 3 unknown factors.

I dnt understand about ur condition question. Did riley have them do hop scotch. Mental game sure. Intelligence no.

I’m worried about things at osu. Mainly rb and lb. Depth could be an issue in the back 7 on d.

"I dntnt understand about ur condition question. Did riley have them do hop scotch" No. But what he did do…before the season opener, have the team do pregame in the indoor facility instead of on the field because it was so hot. The offseason program had no timed conditioning drills. We led the universe in dead ball penalties. Those directly were a result of the S&C program.

The off-the field disciplinary issues were a by-product of that in my opinion too.