When it Comes to an Expanded Playoff, ADs Taking Cues from Mike Gundy

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Eight is the number.

I’m all for expanding the playoff (I prefer six but eight is okay), but I think the inconsistency in scheduling needs to addressed as well. Things I would like to see would include:

  1. Mandatory nine game conference schedule.
  2. Independents have to play nine power five opponents to be playoff eligible.
  3. Eliminate conference divisions. Use a round robin (like the Big 12) or a pod system to determine the top two teams that will play in each conference championship.
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So, assuming we would have beaten Stanford at home in this scenario (since we did in the actual neutral site game), I predict we would have played Wisconsin in the 2nd round. Elite SEC teams almost never play out of their region, and when they do it usually doesn’t go well (LSU lost at Wisconsin several years ago, we know what happened to Georgia when they came to Stillwater). I love this playoff concept, although I think the highest ranked non-P5 team needs to meet some criteria for the selection (such as at least 2 wins against P5 teams, for example).

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Is the non power 5 automatically the 6 seed or can the 2 wild card teams jump them in seeding?

Good question. I say no. Probably usually the 8 seed.