Where does Sanders rank among OSU QBs?

Where do you rate Spencer Sanders among OSU quarterbacks over the last 20 years? We know he’s not in the same class as Weeden or Rudolph, but where does he fall after that?
Is he better than Robinson?
Better than Chelf?
Corndog? Lunt? Garman?
I’ll give you that he’s better than Garman, but with his turnovers and up and down play, I have a hard time saying he’s as good as Chelf or maybe even Corndog. Robinson was clearly better and Fields beat the Sooners. Right now I guess I have him in there with Corndog, but I can’t go much higher until he lives up to his potential.

Great question. Right now I would rank him just below Corndog. I don’t think he is the problem though, if you could change the system to something like OU runs or like Kansas city runs. Take some of the decision making away and the waiting for plays to develop.

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He’s got the talent and he’s still young. Hard to compare him to those others yet because most of our memories of them were as upper class men, and his o line hasn’t been as good as most of them had.

I’m also curious how much longer we give a pass to Kasey Dunn. I mean, he doesn’t have much of an o line to work with but neither did Rudolph in 2015 and I would argue our skill players (wr & rb) are better now

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I’d put him on the same level as Daxx.

Was going to rank Trill higher but he is way lower on the list after the turd he dropped lol

My frustration is part of Spencer Sander’s skillset is his legs. Yet, we seem to want to put two blocks of concrete on his feet and make him pass from the pocket.

He would be much more dangerous rolling out and, when coverage is there, taking off and running. Yes, he seems fragile. But we have to turn loose and take chances. The guy is a racehorse…get him out of the stall!

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He’s horrible people, can’t compete anything consistently past 15 to 20 yards. Worst qb in the big 12.