Where Garret Rangel Ranks Among Gundy-Recruited QBs

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Rangel is the fourth scholarship QB Gundy has recruited from Texas.

This kid has a nice upside and I wouldn’t care if he had 0 stars. The nerds that rank these kids and assign stars to them are wrong more times than not. The list of Poke QB’s illustrates it perfectly.

My favorite quarterback on the list is the one that won a conference title.

No wait, that don’t work.

Ok my favorite quarterback on the list is the one that beat OU twice.

No that don’t work either.

Maybe the quarterbacks aren’t the problem.

“The nerds that ranks these kids and assign stars to them are wrong more time than not” pretty sure brain they nail are kids stars on the money every year bud. They say our kids are 3stars and we have a 3 star season every year I mean I don’t understand by watching college football for 100 years how there is one person in this world that still believes that stars don’t matter is beyond me but I guess I found one. Like gundy…I found a diamond in the rough sort of speak. Or I found a needle in a hay stack. They rank kids by speed, size, stats, and what class they play in while putting up those stats. Yes they don’t get every one right but they get the majority of the ones right. I mean lol can’t remember the last time a blue blood had a class full of three stars and made the playoffs🙄. It’s not rocket science here fellas.

The top three qbs on this list are all on campus. Should mean good times ahead for the Cowboys if rankings mean anything!

The guy is ranked a 4 star in ESPN. Lower grade than Spencer though. The stars do matter. The table in this article is evidence of the same. Look at how many of the 3 stars actually started for OKState vs not started and then compare the same for 4 stars. A higher percentage started for OSU from the 4 star recruits.