Which Programs Get the Most Wins Per Expenses Among Power 5 Schools?

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How doe OSU stack up?

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Central Michigan advertisement on an OSU cost per win article, pretty much stopped reading after that point…

The spending encompasses all sports right? Is there any budget breakdown that is only football related to get more accurate results by program? I’m sure Kansas has a lot more of that $109M invested in basketball than it does football.

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I was coming here to point this out. KP, could you run it back and account for basketball wins too, but only using the same list of schools?

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It would take many days to pull out the football-only money. As is pointed out above I could have just included basketball wins because basketball/football spending account for the vast majority of most budgets. But that wouldn’t have made OSU look as good as this does. :blush:


Throw in Softball, Golf, Baseball and Wrestling to that group and I think we look a lot better statistically!