Who is Your Fave Set of OSU Triplets?

The Austin American-Statesman is making its rounds previewing the top triplets in the Big 12 and for OSU it has Chuba Hubbard, Tylan Wallace and one Mr. Dru Brown.


Pretty good read although the QB pick was admittedly based upon age.

This brings up another question. Who are the best OSU triplets ever?
Gundy-Barry-Hart Lee? Weeden-Blackmon-Randle? Zac-Dez-Toston? Rudy-Wash-Justice?

Who’s your favorite?

I think that you have to go Weeden-Blackmon-Randle, but if triplets can mean more than QB-RB-WR, then Gundy-Barry-Thurman Thomas has got to be it.

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that’s hard to beat. and yes, we’re on forum rules so anything goes. (ok not anything)

As much as I like so many of our triplets, Barry, Gundy, Dykes has to be the one for me.

Gundy Barry Thurman

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Zac, Dez, Kendall Hunter. That Mizzou game will always have a special place for me.

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Barry Sanders
Mike Gundy
Hart Lee Dykes

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All post-OSU shenanigans aside, Fields-Bell-Woods. They were, in my opinion, the true trio of stars that started OSU on an upward trajectory.


Weeden-Blackmon-Randle. Every game was electric.

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Lucas, Graham, Allen

The Moore triplets. Charlie, Tracy, CJ.

So is the Austin statesmen saying brown because they are scared of the idea of Sanders, Chuba, and Wallace? Or have they heard something the rest of us haven’t?

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The article basically says she picked Brown because he was older.

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I have a fondness for Spud though.

Which is still a stupid reason. Would that person have said the same about Kelly Bryant vs. Trevor Lawrence last season?