Why Addition of Kendal Daniels is so Significant for OSU

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The track record of top-rated Oklahoma products is insane.

Yes It is something to build on
Great to get another great defender.
To kids from Beggs back to back.
Its good in a lot of ways.

1 is always good rite. Just not sure about safety unless his times is better then ive heard

“High school superstars in many cases turn out to be regular dudes in college. Two- and three-star recruits develop into Heisman winners.”

If we are just talking #1 recruits in Oklahoma then I can see your point. If we are talking high caliber recruits nation wide more often then not they are the ones winning all the national awards and going to the NFL in much better percentages than your normal 2 or 3 star recruit.

I guess I don’t remember these guys accomplishments as well. McCoy is far and away the best player. How many of the rest made all conference? I’m not counting from 2017 on as those players are still playing. This list doesn’t seem as star studded in regard to what they did in college.

Cromwell and Moore biggest busts on the list.

Cornwell my apologies. Owens is another guy that didn’t live up to the hype.

“But history suggests it bodes well for his potential to become a significant contributor at Oklahoma State, and underscores just how big a coup it is for Mike Gundy and Co. to score a talent of his caliber. It’s a potential breakthrough on the recruiting trail, and one that could affect positive change for years to come.”

"Positive change for years to come " just like all the positive change that came from winning the conference in 2011. Everyone talks about how recruiting has gotten better every year since 2011. That’s the reason we have been able to repeat so many times. It’s been like a chain reaction. Total dominance!

Not sure who u are saying recruiting has been on arise since 2011. I’m not. We did good then dipped. But the last 4 classes (including 2022) are getting better.
How much did the addition of daniels effect u ar0.
Did u have a heart attack. Or a stroke.

Didn’t effect me at all. 2/3 of the 4☆ recruited by Gundy never play, and transfer. Even if he plays, the reason we never play for a conference championship is not because of a player but the head coach.

I was waiting for the chant. I knew I could drag it out of u.

I looked up all these kids on sports-reference.com and there are more busts in this group than stars.
Sims was solid in Norman
Shaw had 1,200 yards at OSU but never 500 in a year.
Pickryl/Cobbs/Turner: all got Longhorned in TX
Meachem: 125-2140 17tds solid at Tennessee
Wolfe/Owens/Cornwell: all ended up transferring.
Lynn: was the DB that Mike Leach picked on every play in Techs 41-38 win vs OU. Stoops finally had to pull him because he was getting beat every play.
Box: had a tragic end to his career
Overall: a mediocre bunch outside of HOF McCoy.

Well we just got to believe Knowles can bring out his best.
It is still a big pick up for us in image

I’m all for signing KD, the more talent the better. I’m just really commenting on the exaggeration that the history of #1 prospect in OK become stars

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Good point never gamble on number 1.

Really odd ur the one that wants more 4 :star2: recruits. And bet on one that has them.
Double standards
Just more of ur bs

No wonder you you don’t understand football, your understanding of sarcasm is non existent.

Its only sarcasm if u mean the opposite.
Or in ur case dnt believe gundy did something good

I did mean the opposite you jackace.

You missed the point. The article states that usually the #1 prospect goes on to greatness, but in actuality only McCoy did. I would always take #1, but remember Gabe Lynn was a 5 star out of Jenks who only made an impact his senior year in norman.

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Since most #1 have gone to ou ur saying ou can’t develop oklahoma kids