Why I'll Miss Bedlam

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A tale of paper helmets, glory and heartbreak.

Will I miss Bedlam?
We barely win this game and quite frankly, I’m tired of putting an automatic L next to this game every year.
It is what it is.
Will Bedlam come back?
I think the two schools will eventually schedule a home and home series down the line. Of course it probably won’t for another 10-15 years or so.
I do think you’ll see Bedlam in non-football sports in the near future.

Won’t miss it. Not for a single second. Anyone who says they are is either lying to themselves or hasn’t experienced enough heartbreak to feel the way some of us #olds do.
I hope we never schedule them again in my lifetime or my son’s. I don’t want my son to grow up and move into adulthood having my Bedlam experiences. 90 percent of them have been horrible. Tomorrow could be another one, but I hope it’s not. Go Pokes! Kick OU’s a## and never play them again.

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But isn’t it great that we’re all content never having a coach who could give us a chance to win Bedlam. Well no more Bedlam so we just have to be content never winning the conference.