Why Merging the Pac-12, Big 12 Would be Ideal for Both Leagues

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A 20-team mega-conference to maintain relevance and competitiveness in the market.

Not only should they fight for a penalty but sue for more. Just like a marriage, take 50% of there assets. Get alimony.

20 team conference is totally absurd, as is a 16 team conference.
Merging with Pac 12 is ridiculous because of the travel involved. I used to travel from Baltimore to Phoenix. It’s a wipe out. Add Houston and Cincinnati or Cincinnati and UCF and just move on. And to Kayse Shrum, OU owes OSU nothing, not even a phone call or email. What they do for the betterment of their school is their business. Pick up the pieces and build something else. You have no choice. Earn your salary.

Well that’s a bunch bs. Ou owes alot.
As for travel the bb will make at least 3 trips to the east coast this year.
The football team already makes a trip every to one of the coast. At least one. We are talking flying on a charter plane not commercial.
Then u always have the prime example of Hawaii. The make 6 trips way longer every year.