Why Mike Gundy is Right to Stick With Spencer Sanders

I remember watching him run around in his Liberty Bowl champions shirt. You would’ve thought they won the national title by how excited he was to win it.

I thought we were past that point?

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And what about those super bowl sized rings, for winning whatever backwoods, banjo bowl it was, while conveniently forgetting to post one of our losses and posting the wrong W-L record? How bush league was that?

U suckered me in. I know facts don’t mean anything. Corndog had 4500 total yrds 42 td. Osu had 500 a game 38 pts a game. That was a trouble defense. What u have against corndog. This the second time we’ve had the same talk. U can call sanders or reid bad but corndog wasnt. Oh yea I know u will say blah blah blah. I know we lost and that brings out all the great fans. But one thing don’t lie to make ur point about how great Gundy is.

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Too many OK State Football faithful, including the top brass and Gundy, view success through win/loss records and a trip to another bowl. They don’t seem to understand, TRUE success is measured by CHAMPIONSHIPS.

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I was very hyped before the season started. I knew that even with sanders we could win. Then lost 3 ol the 5 now 6. It be tough. But one thing I knew who sanders was. But u guys keep yell to get sanders back in. Then it was open up the play book, check. Let’s go through i the checks 4 star runner 400 yrds passed. U guys can talk about this and that. Since Gundy recruited Sanders , Gundy’s done everything u guys wanted. Some of those fingers needs to be point back rite at u. So if u want sanders get off the bash wagon, because u would have done the same as Gundy. No it’s ands or buts

It’s gonna be like that year when Rudolph was a lock to win the Heisman and the Cowboys were gonna beat the Sooners twice, on their way to winning the Conference Championship, while contending for the National Title. Remember?
Oh yes! And Gundy proclaiming to the Chicago media, “This team is so good, it doesn’t even need a Coach.” Then what happened? Gundy tried to prove that, by neglecting his duties, while taking his chicken chest and half assed mullet on tour.
And what was the end result for Rudolph and Company?
Gundy’s complacent with a decent W-L record and going to a Bowl, because that has made him millions. The AD is satisfied with that and so are the majority of OSU Fans. You know, the “Oh, but he’s the best Coach we’ve ever had.” goofballs, who don’t look at the big picture.
Gundy will never leave, on his own. Because any other school would honestly have expectations; consistently beat arch rival, win conference championships. OK State places no real expectations on Gundy.


Joe is really good at point we need to get rid of Gundy. U have to replace him. Like ku tech Texas Nebraska fired winning coaches and got worse. Who can we get, that can do better and stay for more then 5 yrs. But u hit me like a win at all cost of guy. I believe switchers is still a live. Briles I know would come.

My push button not working rite I have and response to u

As I shared within a separate article… What I truly want from Mike Gundy is some passion once again. The kind of drive and fire that he displayed during his earlier years with the program, a time when we as a fan base, were pleased with conference mediocrity, and qualifying for whatever bowl would have us…

Since that point however, it seems as though the man has become comfortable with a ranking somewhere between 15 and 25 while consistently folding up in almost every “must win” he has found himself in, while routinely losing at least 1 game each season against an opponent that had no business even competing with the Cowboys.

Yes he is the “winningest” coach in program history, (honestly, did he have much of a “history” to contend against?) but I would hand the man a pink slip tomorrow for a coach with actual expectations… a man who is willing to roll the dice for a win instead of continually playing “not to lose”. Simply, I want a coach with some balls, which seem to be the 2 things that Mike Gundy traded away for his multi-million dollar salary…


What I do know: Spencer Sanders is not very good and has shown zero ability to improve. He is not accurate and makes poor decisions.

What I do not know: How good Shane Illingworth is; I just have not seen enough of him against quality competition.

There is no way we can know whether Gundy is making the correct decision until we know the answer to how good Shane Illingworth is. Mason Rudolph made Gundy look like a fool for riding Daxx Garmin for 8 games. Conversely, how many of us were calling for Gundy’s head when he refused to bench the Corn Dog for Spencer Sanders? I will admit that I was in that camp. In hindsight, it is very obvious why we rode Corn Dog all year.


I cannot decipher anything you write. I think you might be making solid points, but I legitimately cannot understand the vast majority of your posts.

Does he wear the wrong clothes too. What when Sanders throws a interceptions u want Gundy to throw the water cooler. Maybe he is wiping his a** with the wrong hand

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If the best you can get with corn dog is 9th in the conference why not at least get your 4 free games for Sanders without losing his redshirt?

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Because, as I mentioned, Spencer Sanders is not good and has shown zero ability to improve. I am a big believer that the best player should play. Corn Dog was a slightly above average college QB. Sanders is somewhere between below average and awful.

Robert: While the occasional turnover is a player mistake, and individual issue, consistent ball security issues, including those by other athletes, (Chuba Hubbard anyone?) is a clear coaching issue… That is not my opinion, but a statement made by Gundy himself, as well as multiple other collegiate, and professional position coaches…

Sanders should have had an additional 7-9 games to develop his talent, and decision making, all during a season which was clearly a lost cause after the first handful of games were played… Instead Gundy went with a Senior in Corndog, who while he played admirably at times, had absolutely no hope of contending for a spot at the next level, and thus costing Spencer valuable experience while playing behind the protection of a solid O-line at the time.

Now we find the team paying for that outright ignorant coaching decision, as Sanders works out the kinks in his game on the field, and during a season that finds us contending in games that actually have national consequences!. Again, you can defend the man all you like, but if you haven’t noticed, you are in the vast minority here, as most rational fans can read the writing on the wall just as I do…

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Do u even know who corndog is. Anyway we got 9th because u only act like a fan. Bad fans equally loses. Did u learn that in norman

I would like to point out to the PFB staff, that this is the rational way to criticize Mike Gundy. I do not agree with everything Andrew says but these are well thought out and interesting takes that I really appreciate. You supposed journalists should take notes.

I could not care less if Gundy is arrogant or hurts Kyle Boone’s feelings. I care very much that we never win the Big XII.

All corndog. nothing to do with the defense gave up 32 pts a game and higher in big 12. Matt missed an extra pt. Caused a game. For the love god if we could had one stop by the defense the season would have been different. Oh but yea of course now I see it u guys are all rite it was corndog

Agree with Robert. Do we really think Sanders is five games away from a big breakthrough? No way. He sucks as bad now as he did early last year, and he is going to suck just the same at the end of this year. The dude just ain’t got what it takes and I do not see that changing. Corn Dog gave us the best chance to win that year and whatever experience Sanders stood to gain would not have made a significant difference in our current situation.

I don’t even care about 2 of the turnovers. But hands offs are covered in pee wee ball. I would think when Gundy puts Sanders ( 4 star) out there can hand the ball to Hubbard ( all American) with out troubles. If there is a bad snap or something sanders should know how to fix it.