Why Not Exhibition Wrestling Matches?

Originally published at: Why Not Exhibition Wrestling Matches? | Pistols Firing

UCO vs. OSU would be a great early season showcase for both programs

It’s a great idea but I would tweak it a bit in order to avoid the counter arguments such as adding to the schedule and having to make weight an extra time. To avoid this I would not use any starters, regardless of how good a few of the UCO guys might be. It’s like giving someone a handicap in golf, make the dual interesting. The best part of the exhibition idea is to get guys on the mat who have never had a chance to perform in a dual. 4 years just to end up as a workout partner is a lot to ask of any wrestler. Put them on that mat, and this means, why stop at just one exhibition dual? As a matter of fact, forget the dual format. Make it a 4 team exhibition tourney. The Cowboy Countdown. Surely, there must be 3 division 2 teams if you search Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Texas. Or ask OU to send a team of non-starters to draw a bigger crowd. Junior Bedlam? Or, just host an open tournament in Stillwater without using any starters. And for the home duals, keep offering a free slice of pizza, preferably NOT from Hideaway.