Why the Lack of RB Recruits?

Saw this question posed the other day on Twitter by someone…

Is Coach Wozniak the next Coach Atkins? Average to Good coach, but terrible recruiter.

Is this the issue with the lack of RB recruits being signed, or is there another reason? There is something wrong, but what is it?

He landed a 4* RB and pulled in a JC depth piece in the last cycle. Pulled Jamyl Jeter the year before.

I don’t understand missing out on Isaiah Jacobs or Sevion Morrison, but beyond them I don’t hold my breath. Is there really a problem with recruiting or did we simply miss on our highest guys this cycle? Did the best running back in CFB coming back to OSU for another year have an affect on the recruit’s decisions?


If you want to talk about guys he (OSU) missed out on inside the state of Oklahoma you can add to the list Dominic Richardson (McGuinness) - TCU. OSU missed out on ALL 3 Power 5 backs in the state!

I’ll give you Glass last year being a 4 Star. But jury is still out. Came into summer over weight and out of shape. Forced to redshirt when everyone thought he’d be a contributor. The JUCO guy they brought it was kinda the same situation. Thought he would be a contributor right away (I mean that’s why JUCOs are brought in, right?). So, jury is still out on him. Jamyl Jeter to me is not a RB that we should consider a top get. He was a late signee. His next biggest offer was Iowa State. Not really a highly recruited back.

I agree with you… Chuba coming back could have hurt OSU’s shot at some guys. But at the same time, shouldn’t being home to the nation’s leading rusher bring good attention to your recruiting too?

I read here on the forums that Jacobs’ offer was pulled due some character issues. Take it with a grain of salt because it is internet hearsay

Because the coaches hate rb’s and believe they can take anyone and turn them into a 1000yd machine. Am I doing this right?

There is 8 current offers on 2021 RBs, if that cycle doesn’t hit then there maybe a problem.

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It isn’t looking promising so far