Will Mike Gundy's Son, Gunnar, Be OSU's Lone Incoming QB for 2021?

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OSU has offered just two QBs in the 2021 cycle.

I don’t hate the idea. I’m assuming since Gunnars dad is the head coach he gets free tuition at OSU. That frees up an extra scholarship to use elsewhere, we did take Illingworth last year so we could skip this year use Gunnar as a defacto scholarship QB and recruit all the other positions as hard as possible.

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Wish him the best of luck at oSu. Can’t imagine being a coaches son is an easy task.

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Yep, that’s right @ty14. I actually think it could work in OSU’s favor. But I do think historically speaking it’s unlikely they go without a QB, if for no other reason than convincing WRs and RBs to commit to a program with a walk-on at QB might be challenging.

Not sure why Gundy was not ranked nationally?
His stats were good and he played on a good team and his dad was Big 8 QB of the year and school record holder.

The whole thing is, with the wonky free agent clause (transfer rules) , you can end up with or without players you thought would be playing for you 2,3 yrs down the road. Sign a lot of players for a position and you will have transfers out, sign fewer and maybe a seasoned player sees an opportunity to come win the job by transferring in.

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My question is, will Mike coach till Gunnar can step in as head coach, like Bill Snyder tried to do?

Far more likely for it to be Dunn

I hope you’re right, I’m a Dunn fan. I’m ready for Gundy to be Done. Never understood why Dunn wasn’t the best choice last year but is perfect this year.

I think he’s a great kid, a LOT more humble than Mike was at his age, and wish him the best. He really needs to build up his arm strength but if he can be as accurate as another lefty, e.g. Tua, then he might have a shot at some PT.

Well we have a former NFL qb/qb’s coach now so that has to bode well for the young gun(dy)

I personally think Gunner will develop and eventually play at QB for oSu. I really wish he would have went an got playing time elsewhere. The old story of it taking 15 games for it to really slow down. I think the live game time experience would have helped him in the long run.

So a coach with 1 Big12 Championship is garbage, but a dude who called 1 series of plays (which may or may not have been from a script) because of an elevator malfunction is perfect? You definitely see the matrix far more clearly than the rest of us.

I don’t know if Dunn is perfect but he has been most consistent and best recruited position on the team since 2011. Gundy is a great coach if you’re happy with 3rd or 4th in the conference.

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