Winners and Losers of OSU's 37-33 Bedlam Win

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You know Mike Gundy comes out on top.

Everybody gets on me for riley. He lost another game he was an underdog. Lost bedlam. Didn’t make the title game. And again missed the playoffs. In 4 years he has done less then stoops with better players.
Ou defense is not any better then 2018. The portal is not going to fix ur team u still need to coach.

Knowles is a big winner. He will get money from some body. I’m not sure if we can compete with Texas if they want him.


I would think Knowles is smart enough to not go to that dumpster fire.


Someone is going to pay him. And sadly it won’t be OSU I’m afraid. There’s been not a peep about a raise or anything in the media.