With Pierce off the Board, Cowboys’ Staff Still Has Options to Fill Out 2023 Class

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A five-star big and a pair of solid facilitators are still in the mix.

Because of NIL pay for play, I think it no longer matters how friendly Boynton and the atmosphere of OSU is to recruits. Recruiting will never be the same. It’s like everyone is now a free agent in professional sports. Mike Boynton’s charm and personality is now irrelevant unless he can flash a ton of lettuce.

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Lettuce is for football.

Gundy needs all the lettuce he can get to be under 50 in the recruiting rankings.

Gundy is throwing mad lettuce at 3stars.

What are you smoking, its got to be good

What do you mean?

He’s in the 50’s right now and all 3 stars in the recruiting class. What are you smoking?

Gundy’s boxers I assume.

Your comments on giving money to 3 stars.

I not worried or suprised by where we are in recruiting. I foretold we werent going to have a great class.

Next year then?

I mean, it’s not like every assistant that has came through here under gundy’s watch can’t recruit well right? Just like not every defensive coach that came through the spread offense in the big twelve couldn’t coach defense right. It’s the system that gundy runs and will run till he quits coaching. His system is not winning championships just win more games than you loose system.

Some of the same factors will be there next year. But we should have room for a larger class. Rite now were only have 8 scholarships to give to 10 guys. Its a nice group a couple should rise. Were still at 86.5. That number is as high as our top 5 classes. We will know more in February for this class. We will have like 10 redshirts from the best class to fill numbers for this cycle.

One would think that if he only had a small allotment of scholarships to give that he would go after quality right?

I cant run you thur everything that goes into recruiting.
Look at baylor there getting ready to lose there qb recruit. Nd tosu and a&m have all give him scholarships as of late.

Now your just being captain obvious. With the new coaches at tech and tcu and up swing at baylor has caused problems. We were on a lot of final list. Its still stillwater.

My cousin’s husband is a coach over here at a 4a private school in owasso and he said that he has a quarterback that runs a 4.4 and can throw. He said an osu assistant was looking at him and was in contact with him about this kid but the coach is no longer there and he said he talked to him later and asked why they quit recruiting him and that coach said because of gundy’s son. Tu got this kid so we will see how good he is. He said he was better than gundy’s son.

Someone is pulling your leg. This is like the story about your daught and gundy.
I look at tu class 22 and 21. They gave no scholarship to this kid. The had a couple of defence of guys from holland hall but no qb. If he is on the team he would be a walk on.

Jeff from now on when you get gossip use common sense and check it out. It just makes you look small and petty.