Wrestling Mailbag: Lineup Projections, NCAA Finish, Brock Martin & More

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Seth answers some of your wrestling questions.

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Speaking of football players who are wrestling, I’m curious if Malcolm Rodriguez can cut to 184 to push Montalvo. I’m sure he can make 97 but can he beat out Geer? Probably pretty difficult to do when you haven’t wrestled competitively for a couple of years…

For next year I would prefer that Dustin Plott be at 174 based on those 2 other guys mentioned have not done well in open tournaments that I can recall. Really hard to have to redshirt someone at the level of A.J. Ferrari but Geer is really good. That is a tough call. With the Ferrari moving across country at times, I just hope A.J. does not transfer in the future. We also need his younger brothers down the road. I also hope that Kaden Gfeller does not transfer. In an interview some weeks ago he did disclose that he had been wrestling while injured. Unfortunately, with the lineup we have for this season I do not expect such a high finish as 6. I think it will take a lot of effort and luck to even finish in the top 10. It’s just an unusual season with a lot of bad luck. I like the potential in the near future for Dusty Hone. With Wyatt Sheets he is showing an upside but I am still not sure about him. I would have to see more consistency in winning from him before I view him as a fixture in the future lineups. But the lineup for next season on paper looks so strong that I will have to break the piggy bank and subscribe to ESPN+. I hope that PSU beats Iowa for the NCAA title because I cannot stand the Brands brothers. A couple of hyperactive nuts with an overload of testosterone that made them perfect wrestlers for the Iowa teams of Dan Gable.