Wrestling Reveals Completed Locker Room Renovations

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‘We have the best locker room in wrestling in the world.’


Awesome! Kudos to the Pollard Fam!

I remember when the wrestling room and everything but coaches offices were in the basement of Gallagher Hall. I’d sometimes sneak into b.ball games, shhhh! (not a lot, LOL), with a friend and roomie who was our 134 pounder. Great memories, used to sometimes go and watch them practice.


I remember in the spring of 1968 when NCAA champ, Darrell Keller, brought me down to the basement of Gallagher Hall to get into his locker so I could borrow his wrestling shoes for the intramural tournament. It was dank and unimpressive. In those days you didn’t need facilities to attract the best wrestlers in the country because the championship tradition of Cowboy wrestling was enough.
I had to laugh when looking at the dining booths in the new locker room because you usually think of wrestlers not eating, instead of eating. A nice ironic touch.
So many people have tons of excess cash that they could donate. I was watching the Barrett-Jackson collector car auction the other day and guys were bidding on their toys over $600,000 on some cars. So glad to see the Pollard family chipping in for a great cause. We now have the best locker room to go along with one of the best coaches in the world of college wrestling. It’s a good start for the rebuilding of tradition. Eventually, there will be a separate building to house wrestling. That is when recruiting will take off. Mike Holder had visions for that project but could not find the donors.


I am not sure that the improvements will help with the recruiting.

Joey swears by faculties. He said that’s the only reason gundy has won any games. You going against joey?

Oh my… Joey is the KNOWER of all things for oSu. You know if I said something he didn’t agree with I might get banned.

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We got that big lot right to the east of Gallagher Iba where the football team and rugby team used to practice. I always wondered if they had plans to do something w/ that big lot…

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Uhh….have you seen the entire new wrestling facility being built at Iowa University? Guys I bleed orange but they are going to leave us and this “room” in the DUST…