Wrestling Signing Day Thread

It’s signing day for wrestling today. OSU has the top class in the country. Thought I’d start a thread for it.

Here’s a list of the commits and their overall national ranking.

AJ Ferrari-1
Dustin Plott-2
Trevor Mastrogiovanni-11
Jakason Burks-20
Luke Surber-28
Konner Doucet-78
Alexander Yokubaitis (unranked)


Plott and Surber are signing at 2:00 this afternoon at their high school.

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Doucet signing at 2:00 this afternoon also

Is it weird that OSU hasn’t been tweeting out anything about these guys signing? Typically they do.

Maybe they have to wait until they put the pen to paper?

They do.

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I know for certain that quite a few of them have put pen to paper now. Maybe they’re waiting a bit to put something out on it.

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Mastro signed.

Has a short clip with Jakason Burks

So… Everyone except Ferrari has signed to my knowledge. Burks is the only other one that possibly hasn’t.

Allen has their wrestle-offs tonight. I’m hoping maybe he’s doing it there.

Anyone else sorta nervous we haven’t seen anything from Ferrari?

Doesn’t look like anybody from Allen has signed yet across all sports so they must be having some big event for it.

Yep. It sounds like everyone has now officially signed.

Apparently Allen does one big thing in February where the whole school does the whole signing ceremony thing together.

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Bigger question is why didn’t OSU do anything?

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For sure

It looks like the cowboy twitter account is now up and running. They must have been locked out or something.

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