Wrestling vs. Drexel

I don’t have Flo, can anyone do their best at a thread to keeps us pours updated?


I’m going to do my reactions/thoughts here vs. doing a full story on the main site.

125-Pich looked great. Really quick tech. Will likely need some bonus from him tomorrow.

133-I missed a chunk of the first period and just saw him get ridden for a bit. I know he was taken down early, but I didn’t see it. I kinda liked that Smith made him take bottom in the second and he fought his way out, but ultimately not the best debut. He’s young maybe it was jitters? He really went hard upper body to try and get back in it. That’s where he’s best, but I would’ve like to see him work some more setups and shots early on before he just tried chucking him.

141-Hone looked good. I think he can win tomorrow if Gfeller is still out. Lehigh’s guy isn’t some superstar.

149-Boo looked solid. Don’t want to jinx anything, but the shoulder seemed fine.

157-Sheets looked great. Tight match early, but he really blew it open late. That was pretty cool to see. Guy he was wrestling here is an NCAA qualifier level guy, so this was a good win.

165-Wittlake looked really good. He controlled this whole match against a top ten guy. Wasn’t even close really. Very promising performance here.

174-Great match from Shomers to knock off their guy at 74 in OT. The 800 pound gorilla in the room here is why is Shomers, a guy who was at 157 last year, wrestling at 174 when Joe Smith is around and on the trip? If they send him out vs. Kutler it could be a long 7 minutes for him.

184-Montalvo looked great. Straight from Geer in the media availability a few weeks ago, Geer had decided to go 184. Roger Moore said on the radio Smith’s decided he’s going 197. Looks like Montalvo may be the guy.

197-Geer is interesting to watch here. Just wrestles very different than a lot of 97’s, Risky to bump him up, but if he can handle it and Montalvo takes off, it could be the best thing.

285-Winnable match for Harris he let get away. Have to win these to have any remote chance to qualify for the NCAA’s at HWT. Could be a bit of a deflating thing this season to watch OSU win duals, but go down at HWT most of the time.


I wonder if Taco beat Geer in the wrestle off or they have been going back and forth?

Seems like that would be the only way you make the senior returning AA bump up.

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My guess is it has to do with weight management on a quick turnaround. Asking Smith and G to make weight, compete, and then turn around and do it again 14 hours later is a pretty tough ask for guys at the tail end of their decent plan.

Geer and Montalvo they’re probably just seeing what they’ve got at both weights. Today will be interesting as the competition is much stiffer for both.