Wyatt Sheets and Dakota Geer Earn At-Large Bids for the NCAA Wrestling Tournament

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Geer and Sheets are in.

Thats weird. I see Geer. I could have seen whitlake.

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Is Wittlake injured or something else ? He’s wrestled like chit the last half of the season ? He was a very high recruit too

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That is good news for Geer, whom we hope is not injured. He belongs in the mix. But John Smith in interviews never really addressed Geer’s, as of late, not wrestling at the level that he had been. So we have no idea what has caused him to taper off in performance.
But I feel bad for Sheets. He probably should be having a knee operation instead of going to Detroit and embarrassing himself on the mat because he is so hampered. I wonder if the selection committee was aware of how injured Sheets really is? I think John Smith was really surprised about that selection.
Geer should be able to collect some points. Hopefully the media will want to interview Geer in the next few weeks and maybe then we can hear from him about what has been going on with his performance drop.