Yormark Says He’s Been ‘Actively Engaged in Realignment,’ Calls Big 12 ‘Open for Business’

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‘Optionality is good, and we’re vetting through all of them.’

Sounds good to me.

I dnt see why the pac 12 teams think they can stay together. Rite now its reported that tv contact we be worth 22 mill a team. Thats with oregon and washington bring in half the vaiue. They can only add sdsu and boise.
I do not want the az schools and Colorado no vaule.
Get utah, Oregon and washington. And add a team in the east. That gives us 4 pods of 4.
West pod: utah Oregon Washington byu
East pod cincy wv ucf and ?
Old big 8 pod osu ksu isu and ku
Texas pod tech tcu baylor and Houston
And good balance 16 team. That keeps us up with the big 10 and acc.
If and when the acc folds we grab another 4. Making a 5 pod of acc teams.
It doesnt matter how you do a 20 team system its a mess. At least the 5 pods would keep rivals together.

I agree except for your pod scenario. OSU needs to have pod members in Texas for the recruiting aspect. Plus, how boring if our pod mates were freaking KSU, ISU, and KU.

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In a 16 team system we would have a home and away with the texas schools each year. Every body is saying that about pods and Texas.
If everyone has a texas school in apod you only grantee 1 texas game.
It would be nice but tuff to justify.

Just win baby win!!

We will end up in the sec if the big twelve dies

If nothing else, Yormark definitely set a strong tone for the conference. The guy understands marketing and profit at very high levels. How much better do we feel with him at the helm as opposed to that snooze fest Bowlsby?! Goodness, I shudder to think of him still being in charge.

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If that’s the route the Big 12 goes than the one east team would be a group of five school.
My vote would be for Memphis. It’s kinda in the middle of the other three in your east pod and it could bring in Fed Ex for sponsorship.

It can only be Memphis or usf. Usf would have growth and closer to ucf. I think Memphis is what more people think about. Stonger bb too

Bad thing about playing in the worst conference is you better dominate that conference and we know gundy is not dominating anything. He can’t out recruit Baylor, Texas tech, west virgins, k-state ext. we will be fighting still to get a seat at the championship game. Gundy will have to out recruit these guys like ou out recruits us. They better hope the sec comes calling in the end.