You Love to See it: Isaac Likekele Working on 3-Point Shot With Cade Cunningham

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Ice is working on a hole in his game.

Leave the 3’s to 3 point shooters ice! Keep working on what makes you good babe.

I’m excited for this season. I’ll wear a hazmat suit to be able to watch Ice, Cade, and Co.


Dude - he starts hitting THAT shot…yikes…!!!
Go Pokes!

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Watch them go 26-3 with a post season ban. I think all OSU sports should be cancelled for the entire school year due to Coronavirus.

I disagree with cancelling all sports this season. Please people, do not fear death such that you stop living!!! I think there are safe and smart ways to keep sports alive amidst COVID. I have no idea how close we are to a vaccine, but it can’t take forever, right? I for one am excited for both football and basketball season. I think sports, which tend to unite us as a country rather than divide, are desperately needed right now.

It became pretty clear last season that his entire future will hinge upon his ability to make 3-pointers - both in college and if he hopes to get to the NBA. You can’t make an NBA roster as a guard if you can’t hit 3s at a consistent rate. The game is only going one way, and that’s 3s and dunks.

Even in Big 12 play last year, the scouting report was obvious: sag off Ice, wait for him to drive, and force him to make tough lay-ups without fouling. Even in the fast break, teams started just running to the block when he had the ball. For his driving and passing skills to be fully realized (now that everyone has film on him), he has to be a viable outside threat.

If he can average 2.5 3s per game on ~6 attempts, he’ll get drafted. That would open up driving lanes, allow him more assist opportunities, and make him a tougher cover.

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If Ice can just make the little short pull up jumper he will be deadly, and gone with Cade the next year. But that’s what you want is progression Watched the video , his shot was a lot better but still a small hitch to it. If he gets consistent watch out. Awesome to see Cade helping so much, he’s a winner !!!

Are you just a troll ? You keep repeating this on all articles since the Chuba thing.

No. It’s not just for Chuba and Gundy’s safety. It’s for better progress for the team as a whole. We don’t want everyone getting COVID-19.