10 Things to Know Ahead of OSU's Road Tilt vs. Boise State

Like I said the offense over 17 years have won many games. U would think the defense could win a few.

What do I have to do with what “Jug” has said or not said? I don’t think he’s said the defense is bad anyways but whatever. What do I have to do with what Joe said? He never said anything bad about Rodriguez anyways so I don’t know what you’re talking about.

The defense did enough every game last year except the OU game and yet we weren’t playing for the conference.

Joey was just yesterday talking he need the extra time to read the offense.

Must not, we didn’t get there

Oh they did Roberto. The other games we lost were 110% on the offense.

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Against the two teams we played that should have been enough. The defense let us down.

You’re a moron if you truly believe that and are not arguing just to be arguing. They have been repeatedly put on the field in terrible situations with little rest. Have they been perfect? No. Have they been the best unit on the team so far? Absolutely.


Texas they gave up alot of tds. Have the never heard of giving up fg. They should got a pic 6 in the tcu game.

Last I knew this thread was not about the last 17 years but about the current team.

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I get the 3 stooges going. This is the only way I get them to talk great about Gundy’s defense. They fall for it every time. So no I’m not the moron. But nice I pulled ur chain too.

Last I knew it’s always about gundy with the gurls I have been talking to.

So you disagree with Boone and Gundy here on the defense? Grades: OSU Defense Scores High Marks in Missouri State Win | Pistols Firing (pistolsfiringblog.com)

2020 Texas game:
Touchdown- 3 plays, 15 yards
Field goal- 4 plays, 5 yards
Field goal- 3 plays, -3 yards
13 points from 17 yards of offense. You are absolutely goddamn brain dead.


Well I’m not that all in. They did drop two pics.

Not to mention the kickoff returned for a touchdown.

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Lol poor logan. I bet I’ve worked u up into needing a nap and a juice box.

Do you think we are going to win four conference games with the current offense we have right now?

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Well have u seen what the other teams are doing.

You are retarded. There is no other reasonable explanation. The defense allowed Texas to score 21 points. Far cry from “a lot of touchdowns”. The rest of the points scored were not the defenses fault.

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