10 Things to Know Ahead of OSU's Road Tilt vs. Boise State

Yes. They are winning and scoring more points against their opponents than we are.

Ksu is underdogs at home to Nevada
Wv has already lost.
Tcu barely beat a bad California.
Texas got 14 points after the game was over.
Campbell got iowa state rolling.
Ku really
Tech and Baylor has not been exciting for who they have played
Ou not over great yet either.

They could have helped out more logan a turnover something

California is better than Missouri State and Tulsa.

Yes they’ve already played a P5 team and we haven’t.

KU averages almost as many yards a game as we do.

Tech and Baylor don’t seem to have as many problems scoring as we do.

Who will be playing better by week 4? OSU or OU?

Wv played a bottom feeding big ten team.
Who do u think Baylor and tech r scoring on, I thought we had a defense.
Ku really.
If u are a big ou fan like u act I would think u would want ou to be better

“Or something” tells me right there you are a moron. 287 compared to 530 yards doesn’t need anymore goddamn help from the defense. It’s needs the offense to not suck asscheeks.

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I can tell you who will be playing better week 13.

I’m glad u are so happy with Gundy’s defense. Makes me proud of u.

I’m happy with Jim Knowles defense, but Not Dunn / Gundy’s offense. Also, if Gundy is a offensive specialist why do they look like chit? I figured you would know better than anyone else.

Gundy’s defense. Lol u hate that. It is Gundy’s team.
I know what is lacky on the offensive side yes. We will see how much gets fixed this week.

So you go after the defense, but you don’t blame the offensive scheme?

I have made it clear what is wrong with the offense.
I was not going after the defense I was going after u and logan.
I may not be on the defense as most. It has not deserved an A+. Bad they r rolling well. We will see how they play against a different offensive.

Woke up today and guess what? Gundy still sucks! Going to be a nail biter aging and aging and aging.

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So besides the pick 6 being called back what has the defense done so far this year that has been really bad?

Cause what it sounds like to me you’re giving Gundy, Dunn, the offense, and the offensive scheme the benefit of the doubt for looking like total a55 the first two games, but the defense has to be perfect to gain you’re approval.

He has to because he’s already made it clear that he sniffs gundy is under shorts. And he doesn’t wanna look stupid so hints he rags on the defense but not the offense.

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There was a targeting. Two dropped pics. A couple of deep break downs. Let the two qbs run wild.
I mean u ur self said msu was nobody. Should a nobody score on this vaunted defense. Same with how u felt with tulsa.
When did I had out any free passes.

I’m glad the intelligent stooge final woke up. Sniffing and sucking u bring a lot.

Had to point out your nonsense

Thats comical. I give u an A+ for effort.

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What is comical is the only good thing about this team is the defense and Gundy has no part of it and that’s why and yet you don’t give them enough credit Delusional

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