10 Thoughts on Mike Gundy, Chuba Hubbard and Crazy Week for OSU

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Ok fine, 11.


‘your case for firing with cause is flimsy at best’ ?
KP …I think the article is well done and thought provoking well beyond the obvious.
However, I don’t believe the cause ‘is flimsy’ at all! Rather, both parties have SOLID positions. No flimsy position for either party.

““shut up and play” language that has been eye-opening.”

Nobody is telling him to shut up. Some people were just asking him to elaborate more on his belief. Maybe that discussion is between him, Gundy, and the team. That’s fine I suppose. I think people (and in Chuba’s case recently) use social media irresponsibly. Most rational everyday people are not going to just take his views blindly.

He needs to understand that an athlete of his caliber is being watched closely by social media and other news outlets. He has the ability to change things for the good, but at the same time he has the ability to destroy things. He needs to understand his criticism for things may be met with rational and factual opposition.

When those days come he better be prepared to receive hate mail and other negative energy coming his way. I don’t think Chuba is a bad kid. I think he is just misguided right now and doesn’t understand how deep the pit is that he’s throwing himself into.

His choice of action against his coach has given Gundy AND the team an additional task to focus on in the midst of everything else going on. If anyone here thinks this story is done you are wrong. This will be talked about on every sports channel until at least the end of the football season.

The media needs negative news or they will not have much to report on. Chuba’s action has given them the negative feed they most desperately crave and need. How will Chuba react when he sees a sports analyst or commentator that disagrees with him? My point is he doesn’t need to lose sight of what is putting him on the path of success.

He has a real chance of being a top NFL draft pick and with his status carries the ability to be a role model for other student athletes. Bashing your coach on Twitter because you disagree with a shirt that has different political views (and ASSUMING Gundy believed them) is not how you teach people to respect others or have any kind of respect for their coach.

You can twist it whatever way you feel to let it satisfy you or meet your agenda. The fact is he’s still a teenager stuck in a 21 year old man’s body. I’m at least glad he apologized like a man for not going to Gundy first. These issues CAN be solved at a lower level. You don’t always have to blast everything all over social media for the entire world to see.

I honestly think this is going to backfire for the team and be a thorn in the side of OSU football for the season at least. Hope I’m wrong though.

First of 11 is not 10, which I want to stop after 1. All your stories are the same. Chuba is not perfect, he admitted he handled it wrong. Since we do know there is an open door policy. It is odd he starts a charity, then throws his coach under the bus. How much money is alright for old white guys to get paid so these black players to play for them. I could not believe u went there. Can a young black coach get paid more. You open this up. Meyes dnt even know were to start. I would have thought there were a lot worse things said to him by coaches. Miles was hc and Mike said my bad. Sound bite yes, life ending no. I got to here, your real a person and reporter.

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Here a real topic for you, how will this effect chuba’s nfl draft. If goes 750 yrs and injured will he be drafted. If he goes 2500 (with holes your grandma could score) will the spend a first round pick. That is one thing he ain’t Barry to evade. And, he hasn’t given us a look of Thomas power. He is fast and quick, nfl needs more. Look at Hill’s nfl team, he is behind fast power back and a elusive qb. Chuba may be quicker but not more dynamic.

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Positives that have come out of this, and I have Chuba to thank for really making me want to read more about this stuff, because I always knew systemic racism was a problem in the US, but it wasn’t until it hit this close to home with these discussions being had with OSU at the center that I really took the time to read. A little embarrassing how little I knew, but since Chuba brought this to attention I’ve learned about the following:

  1. I didn’t even know Juneteenth was a thing until a few days ago. I have a high school degree and two Bachelor’s Degrees, HOW IN THE HELL IS THAT POSSIBLE? It may be partially that I didn’t always pay attention in class, but I certainly have the Stamp Act and Boston Tea Party hammered into my memory. Those are about standing up to oppressors, seems kinda odd Juneteenth wasn’t hammered in as hard.

  2. Redlining. It’s obvious there’s an unfortunate correlation between race and various things/areas of cities (income, funding for education/extracurricular activities, incarceration) and I knew that was definitely no accident but I never knew exactly why. Well, learning about redlining certainly gave me a starting point to see why. It shocked me how overtly racist some laws were, but were just worded vaguely so they didn’t necessarily seem to be targeting a specific race (non whites). It’s basically just segregation that was more “politically correct” for the time.

  3. George Washingtons teeth were not made of wood, some were made with the teeth of his slaves. Wow, pretty sensitive information to just turn into a cutesy story about wooden teeth.

  4. Jim Crow laws were still active after both my parents were born (dad in 1960, mom in 1964). One generation ago. How anybody can say with a straight face that the impacts of that are not still being felt, well I’m gonna need that explained to me.

None of this is meant to be any take at all on the situation with Mike Gundy. It was just surprising, with how educated I thought I was, to find out just how wrong I was. Chuba has succeeded in his goal for inspiring people to educate themselves and I thank him very sincerely for doing so.


Well this article is pretty much the same as all the others. You have not changed your view point on much of anything given the overwhelming dissent on your view points by your readers. I guess good for you for standing behind for what you believe. However from my perspective I am wondering if you have some kind of end goal behind all of this. Is it to get Gundy fired? It certainly seems that way but I am not saying that it is fact just the perception that it could be. I also had the thought that your position at CBS sports could be in jeopardy if your position on things moved more toward the conservative side, examples being that OAN is not racist and neither is Trump and his supporters (Trump had a black girlfriend back in the day did you know that BTW?), would make you subject to the cancel culture and result in being let go from CBS. I hope that is not the case as I don’t want to see anyone loose their job and it would be a very difficult life having to maintain a certain position on things just to keep it.


As far as Chuba… Should have spoke to the coach first. Anyone else would have been fired in a NY minute. Or any other player would be let go…I’m sure Gundy would have addressed it internally.

I can’t tell my boss is an a***hole on Facebook and expect to keep my job. But if your on the 2020 Heisman watch list… It’s OK… Double standards. But if I explain to them “in person” then it’s more professional and I probably will keep my job. Social media sucks in some cases.

Chuba = kapernick. IMO … And if they fire Gundy over this… season ticket sales will drop (I will not renew mine after 7 years) and Gundy will sue on the ground of freedom of expression. You can’t fire someone on the grounds of wearing any shirt on their own personal time.

Cancel culture is real. And Gundy is the poster boy.


I feel sorry you weren’t taught about ever lunching , massacre or shooting of vets.,and union protesters. They would fill a history book. Watch pbs they have time for this stuff. It’s all real part of past, but nothing to do with this. Wrong forum. Here a tidbit for you, in Oklahoma most slaves if not all, were own by native American. History is to be learned from, not to point figures at. As China said, he should have taken care of in house. I learned that soical media will take a simple matter and take it hostage.

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First of all, hard to believe that you have 2 college degrees because you sound like you’re 12 years old.

Secondly, you are living proof of just how pathetic our education system is and basically how useless a college degree has become.

Thirdly, broaden the reading that you’ve finally decided to do and you’ll know what a total crock of poop this whole BLM movement is.

Fourthly, don’t be so ■■■■ gullible.


You guys at PFB are so naive and “woke” that you don’t even realize that Hubbards ignorance, arrogance and immaturity have not only destroyed the football program but ultimately your own livelihood. Fewer fans = fewer eyeballs.

But go ahead and keep praising Hubbard for his outstanding character and integrity for looting and burning down the program. To me, he’s a classless ingrate who thinks Kaepernick is a pretty cool guy and a worthy role model. I hope when he does go pro that he doesn’t list OSU as his alma mater. He’ll always be persona non grata to me. I have ZERO respect for him and the BLM movement.

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Folks like you (in any type of leadership position) scare the hell out folks like me …wow

If you’re so smart then why are you so gullible? Open your eyes and read. Get depth to your knowledge base. Education does not equal wisdom. In fact, I’m beginning to believe it’s an inverse relationship.

Wow, there’s a shocker. Lol. Everything scares the hell out of “folks like you.” Such a pathetically weak generation that loves to be offended and incapable of handling contrary viewpoints (t-shirts) because you’ve been over-coddled and told your opinion matters more than the truth.

This is looking more and more like 1932 Germany every day.

I’m not “so smart” I stated in my post that I was ignorant and nowhere near as educated as I thought I was. I was pretty ignorant.

I was trying to make a point that you go to college to study a specific area and that I do not believe my degrees and the opportunities they’ve afforded me are useless.

also again, none of what I mentioned was political or had anything to with BLM. are you disputing any of those appalling historical facts?

“you’ve been over-coddled and told your opinion matters more than the truth”

my post was all truths and it made you mad. looks like you’ve been over coddled by the public school system’s “rosy” viewpoint of our country’s racist past.

And mentioning Germany…I really admire how they’ve gone about educating people about the horrors of the Nazi regime. They sugar coat none of it…they admit it, and say it MUST be talked about so nothing like that ever happens again.

Very predictable response! Congrats on your deep Intellectually non-stimulating but very validating response :sleeping::sleeping:

I feel like this was in response to me and not bruce4. I would like to learn about those things you mentioned too. I’m not pointing fingers at history, I’m pointing fingers at our education system for leaving out critical details, including what you’ve mentioned.

While your were reading did you also learn that it was not whites that sold black people into slavery? Yea it was their own people I know and all these years I was told from blacks time and time aging and is still In the blacks minds that whites did that. And did you also read while you informing you self that a republican abolish slavery with the 13 amendment. It’s nice you are feeding us your findings but seems like every time you post something, you shame white people. I don’t know your agenda but I have a good idea who you are as a person so If your agenda is just to blast white folks because of what older generations did then your just white shaming in my eyes which is negative and not doing anything to help matters. Maybe if you went Back to get your masters degree you would have found out this truth and also the findings that you found.


lmfao dude. I’ve been here defending Gundy nonstop and being EXTREMELY critical of Kyle Boone. I WANT TO KNOW THINGS LIKE WHAT YOU JUST SAID. I’m not interested in white shaming. I’m interested in learning the truth, like Native Americans being slave owners… none of that should be left out of history books. Yeah I’m very well aware that Abraham Lincoln was a republican. Nothing about what I said was political, it’s facts.

All of my posts? Aside from me sharing what I’ve learned, which you view as white shaming, give me ONE single example where I’ve shamed white people, please go back and read ALL of my posts in all the the forums over the past few days. I’ve criticized Gundy for his tone deafness, but I have not once shamed white people. and I have been adamant in saying I don’t think Mike Gundy is racist.

it’s troubling to me that people are getting offended about bringing up things that have actually happened.