10 Thoughts on Mike Gundy, Chuba Hubbard and Crazy Week for OSU

While you are spending your time informing yourself why don’t you go dig into black lives mater organization and get back with everybody on your findings.

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and there it is again.

for like the 4th time…I never said a single thing (positive or negative) about the BLM organization, because I wanted to avoid politics and just state 100% undeniable facts - not opinions.

I listed facts and people have responded angrily and by pointing fingers aggressively as if I’m intentionally trying to censor history to make white people look bad. I’m just trying to learn. Educate me, don’t belittle me.

If your response to injustice in history is, “yeah well THIS OTHER RACE DID THIS OTHER BAD THING YOU IDIOT” then that’s problematic. Why not, “yes that did happen, these other things happened as well. we’ve all got work to do to make it a better world. Let’s share what we’ve learned”?

Here’s another undeniable fact, 2020 is not 1965 Selma. I was alive then. It was a vastly different time and racism was prevalent and systemic. To listen to these young blacks today you’d think they were all still in chains. It’s total crap. There is no place in the world better for them to be than right here in the US. Period.

The problem with blacks is other blacks. That is their existential threat. It ain’t white rednecks like Gundy or anyone else. And it dang sure isn’t the police. Anybody who can read the latest stats can see that. That’s a total inflammatory and dangerous cop out. And it perpetuates the myth and continues to tear our country to shreds. Just like Hubbard did to our football program and University.

A ton of good has happened between 2020 and 1965. The US is a much better place tor people of all backgrounds than it was 55 years ago, but it could still be better and that will always be the case. There’s no such thing as a utopia.

I am proud to live in this country, I love the United States. I don’t want to sit here and argue with people about stuff like whether or not NFL players should or shouldn’t be allowed to kneel during the national anthem. I’m very grateful we live in a country that you won’t get killed or sent to a reeducation camp for doing that or stating your opinion on it.

I will never advocate for senseless violence against police officers nor violence against peaceful protestors. I’m just trying to learn, so I can help.

“I’m very grateful we live in a country that you won’t get killed or sent to a reeducation camp for doing that or stating your opinion on it.” —Benjamin3

That’s exactly where this is all headed. That is the liberalism of today. No better example than a t-shirt causing this nightmare. There’s an old expression that “The fascist of the future will call themselves anti-fascist”. Well, we’re there!

the problem is not a man wearing a shirt. ESPN trying to paint Mike Gundy as a systemic racism enabler is beyond stupid and over the top. I also think it’s messed up to proudly boast his skeletons in the closet from three decades ago, because he definitely doesn’t seem like a racist man today. It’s that he appears insensitive or uninformed to the many black student athletes he coaches during a very divisive time.

You or I could walk down the street in an OAN shirt and we would not be at risk for losing our jobs. If Mike Gundy wore a Hillary Clinton t-shirt, a huge portion of the fanbase and donors would be very up in arms. It’s that when you are in a position with as much visibility as Mike Gundy is, you HAVE to be aware of public perception and through the years it started to appear that he cared less and less about that.

but he has been shown to be insensitive and unapologetic for his, at times, bizarre behavior and refusal to take constructive criticism.

and I think I’m starting to see why our recruiting rankings have not correlated with our on-field success and it’s this very thing. You hear about recruits raving about their relationship with Mike Boynton. Mike Gundy does not seem like he’s trying to relate to this generation of players at all. I don’t know him, I’m sure he’s a fine human being, but he’s very stubborn and old school and today’s players want a coach they can relate to. I think he’s finally starting to see that, I think this has all been very eye opening for him.

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"I’m not afraid of white people. I am cautious of white people.”

Emmanuel Acho said this on June 19, 2020. He then followed up by saying:

“I think that if we don’t see color — if we don’t expose our children to different colors, to different races — then it’ll be the same thing as a white kid who becomes an adult: You won’t be able to decipher the difference between a Black man that’s a threat and a Black man that’s just Black.”

Similarly, “A Black person won’t be able to decipher between a white person that’s a racist and a white person who’s just white and may happen to be racially ignorant,” Acho added.”

Wow!!! So by that rationale a white person is flawed anyway you look at it. I decided to do some research on what he first said:

I went ahead and specifically looked at the white and black population. According to Statista.com:

White Population in US: 197.2 million

Black Population in US: 43.8 million

Then I decided to go here: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/tables/table-43

When comparing violent crime statistics it’s very alarming. The total percentage of population in the US that is black is roughly 13.4 percent compared to the white population coming in at 76.5 percent.

For every 288 black citizens in the US 1 commits a violent crime. For every 831 white citizens in the US one commits a violent crime. Meaning a violent crime is three times more likely to be committed by a black person than a white person.

Here we have Emmanuel Acho that hasn’t brought any kind of data or reliable reasoning of why he feels that way. He ACTUALLY should probably be more cautious of people from his own racial ethnicity.

Don’t be mad at me. All I did was bring you the data and numbers. If you have a problem with it then take it up with the sources I just provided to you all.

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No, actually it’s even much worse than that. Black males between the ages of 18 and 35 are only 3% of the US Population. But here’s the disgraceful part. They commit 50% of all homicides and over 50% of all armed robberies. What else do you need to know?

So, tell me again how it’s an injustice that so many black people are disproportionately arrested and incarcerated. And the police are the bad guys?

Apparently at PFB we don’t like facts:


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Just like any other left leaning media source. You aren’t allowed to talk about anything that may have a valid view point or different perspective. Even though my topic was directly related with everything being discussed.

So are you and joe15 saying they commit more crimes just because they’re black?

You don’t think effects from redlining and not being afforded the same job/loan/housing opportunities as white people as recently as one generation ago Had any impact on that? If you can’t get a legitimate job that pays enough, or a loan for a house, and you have to feed your kids somehow, you’re gonna do what it takes to take care of your family and sometimes that means getting mixed up with Criminals…thus violence happens.

When I was working temp jobs that were mostly manual labor, I’ve met many people from poor backgrounds (black, white, Hispanic, all backgrounds) those schools in the inner city are not well funded. I was shocked by how many of those hard working people were illiterate. How do you get a good paying job if the schools can’t even teach their kids to read? These people worked 80+ hours a week and made maybe half of the average US household income.

If your parents didn’t have the same opportunity to find good employment and education, they’re not going to have the same benefits to pass down to their children.

Here’s a thought…I no longer consider PFB a sports blog. It used to be a great site, but has recently devolved into your own personal virtue-signaling platform. That’s your prerogative, but I have no interest in your thoughts on social issues…that’s not what I have paid $8 per month for from the very first month you asked people to do that. No renewal from me.


So we should open our boarders to let more people in that will take just as long to get them steady funded so they won’t run a muck? This is what it creates. Win you mix different people with different thoughts and different beliefs, it’s Hard to keep that many people happy because we all want our beliefs and thoughts and are rights From being taken away and yet I’m seeing more of our rights being taken slowly but surely.

You’re right about mixing people and beliefs. But I’m not talking about the borders. Just the people who live in the US right now.

I’m out on all of this, I’m not gonna reply anymore. I’m sorry I’ve stirred up such a mess here. We’re all passionate and we’re all right and wrong on some things.

Genuinely appreciate your support over the years.

So is this a sports blog or a mud slinging name calling forum. I can’t tell the difference. I started following the blog because of my interest in all things OSU. Glad I didn’t waste my money on a subscription.
It is just like every other news/sports outlet be it national/regional/locally followed. It does not report the facts. Everything I read on PFB (really should be called Purely Fictional B@%$$#!&) is personal opinion of the writers and guesswork or supposition written to provoke a response and stir up controversy. Chuba made a mistake by going public with his demands without all the facts. Bad move. Gundy doesn’t second guess his words or actions before he talks or dresses. What you see is what you get. Period. Going off half cocked without all the knowledge or facts leads to mistakes. If you don’t believe me ask every inmate in your state prisons or county jails.
Hopefully everyone will learn and we can grow as a society. Racism is wrong. Period. Not learning from history is stupid. Not everything is black or white. Life is full of grey areas. Everyone is dumb just on different subjects. Learn. Grow. Together.

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That’s all “mostly” nonsense. Everything was going just fine until LBJ screwed it all up in 1964. That’s when the black family went to crap. Before that all the metrics for blacks were going in the right direction and that was despite decades of discrimination, bigotry and racism. White liberals destroyed the black family. THEY created the new plantation. Sen. Moynihan predicted it and he was dead right.

Fortunately, many blacks have become to climb out and are seeing the light. If BLM will get the hell out of the way and quit with all their racism then we can heal. Until then, it’s going to get worse and probably MUCH worse.

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Well…when there’s no sports going on…

Remember when we used to argue about play calling in the red zone? I realize there are things bigger than sports, but I used to be able to come to the “sports world” to temporarily escape the real world. I guess that’s no longer the case.

Politics is a disease and it’s killing people faster then Covid!!