10 Thoughts on Mike Gundy, Chuba Hubbard and Crazy Week for OSU

This isn’t a racial issue. This is a cultural one. I’ve already said on this blog and given the source that families that stick together and instill responsibility and accountability into their children’s upbringing are more than likely to stay out of trouble and have less affiliation with gangs. You know why we had so many blacks join the Army when I was in? It’s because they were looking for a way out of their neighborhoods and be able to provide themselves with some financial and disciplinary stability. I commented them for that. They didn’t want to be another statistic. Only the black community (Those who live in reality) knows what the black community needs to fix these problems.

“How do you get a good paying job if the schools can’t even teach their kids to read?”

Here I partially agree and disagree with you. I think education is extremely important and key to success and I’m willing to discuss the options of more funding for education in poor school districts. However, if I dump tons of money into a school district over the past decade and it shows no improvement and the educational value becomes worse then I’m not really fixing the problem. Teachers and students must have the WILL and WANT to do better in school. I and nobody else can’t hold their hand for them the rest of their life.

“ If your parents didn’t have the same opportunity to find good employment and education, they’re not going to have the same benefits to pass down to their children.”

You don’t have to be black to be in this category. I had three siblings with a total family income of $35,000. My school wasn’t necessarily the most academic either. I joined the Army because I didn’t want student loans. Once I completed my degree it took a few years but eventually I was put into a supervisory position and I make $65,000 a year now.

This is the problem with today’s society. You don’t need a complete overhaul of policies on everything. Find what options you may have first and use them to your advantage. My problem with the BLM movement is that their actions speak louder than their words. Unlike the civil rights movement that wanted EQUAL rights BLM’s platform has turned into wanting SUPERIOR rights.

When I see people like Al Sharpton taking advantage of the black community it really pisses me off. Sharpton will never say anything about black on black violence. You know why? Because once peace and prosperity happen in the black community he loses his media fame and money stops flowing to his bank account. Peace and prosperity in the black community is Al Sharpton’s worst nightmare. I wish the young men and women in the black community that TRULY want change could realize this.

The Democratic Party has historically been the enemy of the black community for nearly all of American history. Even with systemic racism and oppression authored by the Democratic Party against the black community 90 percent of the black community keeps voting for them. You want change? Stop voting for the same people that keep you stagnant and reliant on them (and for the most part could care less about you and more for your vote).

I’m not saying they should go Republican (I’m an Independent) all I’m saying is they need to really educate themselves on who they are voting for and what policies they can expect to see.

Internet sports guys rendering legal opinions? About like me doing Xs & Os. Kind of stupid. Gundy signed the dotted line, he has taken $15 million under it, I think the consideration (legal term, PFB) is here. He breached the agreement in a famous way,and if you don’t think that the nervous Gundy on the video wasn’t about his job, think again. The bumpkin head was doing his best to clean up the dung he stepped in, but even then he couldn’t apologize until he got cuffed over that too. I like Mike, but really?

I guess my broader point there is – after talking to some folks this week – that I think if OSU thought its case was strong, it would have already pulled the trigger.

Well said Paul1

Perhaps. I suppose we don’t know what the OSU decision makers are thinking. Just a few of my thoughts: (1) I’m not sure they would be prepared to dump a winning coach on the eve of what could be the team’s best season ever. Particularly as an immediate reaction to the events. (2) One view is that OSU will come out of this mess as a leader in the evolving relationship of the institution - coaches - team - players. I think this was your central point. So why jack this potential up with even more confusion? (3) It might be a knee-jerk reaction to the events, as the dust is still in the air about the players’ concerns – heck, we still don’t know if there is a list. (4) We might never see a players’ list of concerns. That might escalate things and could be retooled against them to make it look like a power grab. (5) Hargiss probably deserves a lot of the credit here. I can see his intervention in the joint video (to which I don’t really think Gundy was a free and willing participant based on his conduct – and for that matter, Chuba’s mea culpa was kind of like his mother told him he needed to apologize). The later interviews seemed more sincere, which I think you pointed out. (6) Explosions like this always take time to heal, but they can heal with an even stronger bond if done right. Anyway, nicely done article.

Paul - good post and I hope you are correct on your points. It would be senseless to destroy the season and possibly several to come over this.

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Do what? We do sometimes delete vile posts that violate our terms, but I’m not seeing where one of yours was deleted (although I may be missing it). @vince