10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 23-16 Victory Against Missouri State

Actually OSU had Braydon Johnson in the run game twice. The 13 yard reverse and another time on a jet sweep when they flipped it to him, so it goes down as a pass. But I do agree on the lack of creativity in the game plan.

I disagree on the philosophy of calling the pass plays at the end of the game. Gundy went for the win there. He was not content with just running it up the gut against a loaded box and getting little like we did all game and since MIssouri St had 2 timeouts then almost no time would have gone off the clock if we had run. Play calls always look bad when they don’t work and seem like genius when they do. I wouldn’t have thrown to a true freshman though (Green).

I think we will just disagree on the philosophy. I like making them waste their timeouts because it limits the other team on a last minute drive. In this case Gundy gave them more chances and more time by not doing so. You are also assuming they would run up the gut but I’ll blame the play calling that gave you that assumption. Once again, lack of creativity. Diamond formation anyone? If Gundy wanted to “go for the win” and pass, maybe try calling more pass plays a few drives earlier. Imo, don’t wait for the last drive to go for the win.

Ur bet r set by gaming professionals, but are moved by value of bets placed. Not a total best way to predict the best team. Ap poll is created by professionals in sports. Not always do they mention point spread when a underdog wins, but poll position is. So u can say point spead is ur way of saying, but no.

Just another great example of Gundy’s ineptness as a HC…, he either needs to quietly resign or be fired with fanfare. Either way he needs to immediately go!!!

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Good luck with that…

Of I put Tulane head to head with Missouri State who do you think is going to win? And how many points do they win by? At least OU could score 40 on a G5 team. We can’t even score over 25 on a 1AA team. I thought Gundy was supposed to be an offensive genius?

Ok based on AP rankings Riley is 3-0 as an underdog.
2017 Ou #5 vs Ohio St #2
2020 ou #18 vs OSU #14
2020 Ou #12 vs Iowa St #8
Ou won all three.

Sounds to me like we need to send Gundy to his retirement home in Stillwater and go ahead and bring in Willie Fritz to help make the offense move.

Even Joe Biden would’ve came up with a better scheme and game plan.

Tulane scored 35 points in Norman, OK yesterday. Gundy has scored 29 points total in his last two meetings against OU. If that doesn’t concern people then I don’t know what will.

Right, we can hire Willie Fritz and if he’s the real deal then his stay in Stillwater will last 4-5 years and then we are looking for another head coach.

At least we wouldn’t be on the ropes of almost losing at home to a 1AA school because of a coach that refuses to move his offense down the field.

You also seem to forget as well. Our fans think 7-8 wins a season is a good thing. So if Willie Fritz is meeting that criteria it doesn’t necessarily mean he would be picked up anytime real soon for a bigger job.

Ou is thought by many ( because of their high powered defense) but gave up 35 pts. So any average g5 team can score 35 on ou.

Who was the bet line for in the two games last year.

So u would be happy for Willie to come here for years and only get 7 wins a year. Well then let’s just keep gundy wouldn’t have to payout. That’s all Willie can do at Tulane.

This weekend will be remembered as the week that Washington did lose to an FCS team.

If ur bet line goes with one team and ur ranking goes another it would be a push.

Jimmy Johnson’s best season at OSU was 8 wins and Miles best was 9.