10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 24-21 Loss to Iowa State

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On another controversial call, Spencer Sanders and the Pokes’ road to Arlington.

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No one is questioning the 30 yard field goal. It’s the 56 yard one that’s questionable at best. Our chance pretty much relies on beating OU. What’s the saying? Next year right?


“It’s hard to not take the lead when you’re on the road,” Gundy said. “It’s a fairly easy field goal, and you’re on the road. You gotta a chance to take the lead. If I had to do it again, I’d take the lead. I’d kick a field goal. If I knew he was not gonna make it, I wouldn’t. But if I was in the same situation, I’d do it again.”

And this, folks, is why we can’t make it to our own conference title game. You don’t kick a 50 yard FG on 4th and 1 on a windy day in Ames, Iowa from the 33 yard line.

You can’t run the ball 100 times through the same gap every single game (Especially against a defense like Iowa State’s). It’s just utter sheer stupidity.

You can’t wait until midway through the 4th quarter to start passing the ball and getting into a hurry up offense with an offense that’s now a Bill Snyder type offense.


If you wanna pay a guy $20 million over the next 5 years to call predictable plays and do the same thing every game I’ll be more than happy to do it.


“Again, I just kind of go back to they made the last play.”

Yeah…that’s seems to be the consistent story since 2011.

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Exactly. Miss the Holgy/Moken era of offense.

Throw past the first down marker. 💁


Hey Pokes,

Just got home from the game. Hell of a game. I rewatched the play. It was one hell of a lot closer than I thought from the stadium. Regardless, that was just an unbelievable game. The first FG that was missed was right in front of me. I can’t tell you how long that thing seemed to be in the air. It hit a gust of wind and it just sat there and spun forever. I actually thought he made it at first.

Your defense is legit. I was excited to see how your front seven did. Wow. Breece had nothing all day. I was extremely worried at half.

Sanders is a baller. Props to him.

I that was one of the most physical games I’ve ever watched in that stadium. I hope we get to do it again in Jerryworld. Go beat the Goons.


Congrats to your Cyclones on a hard fought win. Best of luck to your team on the rest of the season. Hope we get to do it again in Jerry world. It would be a hell of a rematch.

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I see it the same way Joe saw the game. I still think the play calling is poor. Also, Bray has played only a few snaps and you bring him in to catch a ball which he has not done in awhile. In a pressure situation you are throwing to a guy who is cold. Where is the sense to that? What I liked the most about the game was that finally a light bulb went on in some coach’s mind realizing that they have not used Presley enough and today they used him a lot. It took this long to figure that out? Just one more reason why I am down on Dunn. He should be done. Pun intended.
I think most undefeated coaches might be upset with this loss. Not our head coach. He chalks up the loss to, we just came up short.
And then a realization that maybe they have to do something different in order to play better in the second half. Duh?
I think most fans knew the Cowboys were not a top ten team. Top ten defense for sure, but not the whole team. Today showed that. Kudos for Sanders to take some risky throws. We have some really good receivers so start throwing the ball more. Field goal attempt at 4th and 1 when you have Warren as your RB?, or a screen pass?
Maybe if I was earning five million bucks a year, winning or losing just would not rattle me much. We just go back Sunday night and prepare for the next game. I bet the fans don’t think about this game like that. ISU coaches made adjustments at half time. Not sure what our adjustments were. Holding Hall to less than 100 yds, a great accomplishment but no surprise for this defense. Not so good at breaking up passes today.
And I am not at this point thinking about the possible situations that would have to happen to play in the championship game. I am thinking what is it going to take to make this team play better in the second half? Until you do that, we are not going to be in contention. Too many other chances to lose if we can’t get an offense going.


Really Tai? Are you sure you agree with me? Robert and Michael are always repeatedly saying I don’t know what I’m talking about. I wouldn’t want the football experts to criticize you either.

Joe, I will let you deal with the karma that you have with Robert and Michael.
I guess at some point I just have to surrender to the fact that the offense is crap and it’s going to be that way for the rest of the season. And teams don’t go far playing like crap.


If u look at per play or per possessions it was a best offensive game with out the fgs missed.

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This goes out logan and joey on saying real stuff. The kick was 50 yards and missed by inches not 5 yards.
Tanner is not a freshman

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For the administration - sign a perpetual 5 year coaching contract and Karma comes calling. A contract should never be signed mid-season. Gundy’s agent is a genius.

It was a tuff loss.
One thing I do know is u gurls can’t use double standards.
If the last play was a bad call, u can’t say we had a bad spot and vise versa.
Same with the play calling. If are play we’re predictable then so was isu’s.

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I had no problem with the last play call. In a situation like that you want the ball in the hands of your best play maker and that was Warren. Looking at the replay it seemed to be a bad spot but we were not on the field, so who really knows? I usually don’t expect a kicker to make a 50 yd field goal anyway. Especially on a windy day. Yes, Sanders threw better but he still was not that good and the protection was improved but not by that much. That is why I say the offense is still crap. We have seen over the years of Gundy what good offense looks like. And we have not seen that yet this season, regardless of the reasons for that. We need a better QB period and an experienced OC. Field goal kicking messed up because Hale had that ACL injury and has not been right since then so we have a replacement kicker. Tough break but it is a season of too many injuries.

Which one is it Robert? Yesterday you were blaming the coach and unit that’s been mostly responsible for our first six wins.

Then when we point out special teams sucked now you start to agree with it. Do you even know what the hell your talking about? Or do you just wait for people who know what they’re talking about to post what they had seen, and then run with it?

:arrow_up: this I completely agree with. We haven’t had a Dan Bailey or Quinn Sharp in a long time.

U do know when Matt was a freshman he kicked the long kicks for sharp.
Can u not stop urself.

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I’m defending the whole team. It was a tuff game.
I’m not string up brown for those kicks.
I’m not saying the defense did bad.( just pointing out to u they had troubles too.)