10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 24-21 Victory against Iowa State

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The Cowboys again found a way to win.

Sanders still double edged sword. They scored twice on his int. But the second was of a defense turnover( they don’t get many) we were drive. U could say 21 pt turn around. Wallace had 2 bad penalties and we had 5 over all. Great win.

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I’ve already said it in an earlier post, but I’m going to say it again. Gundy’s “play not to lose” mentality either too early in the game or when OSU doesn’t have a large enough lead will cause this team to lose a game they shouldn’t.

Almost feels as Gundy is scared to death at the possibility of going to a Big 12 CCG because he knows more will be expected of him. I’ve never seen a coach personally handicap the talent they have at their disposal like he seems to do.

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Sanders is a dynamic runner and can make great plays but he is not a great thrower and because of that he’s going to have turnovers. If the defense keeps playing like this and with Chuba and LD running the ball I’m not certain he gives us our best chance to win. We had a lot of passing windows, if we don’t turn the ball over and hit a few throws to stay on track we beat them by 20.


If we had horndog Clint mason weedon I would say your rite. Sanders has 2 picks and a fumble in just a tad over a game. Sanders is the player who starts the play. It don’t matter about the others if Sanders starts it. Some of the play u want are the exact plays that will be turned over. A quick slant or over the middle 15 yrd deep get tip n picked. I’m sure Gundy will have some new wrinkles for Texas( maybe he’ll run 50 times🙂). Until sanders can stop throw picks on the easy book the big boy book is closed

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I don’t blame Gundy for playing conservative, the defense has been the strength of the team and Sanders isn’t a great passer he already 2 picks in the game. The only thing I had a problem with was the second punt, we were on the ISU 38 with like 3:30 to go, you’re not going to gain much field position on the punt, I would’ve liked to see us go for the throat there but I’m not going to complain because it worked.

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God I kind of with u since Hutton only got it to the 17. Hindsight :smiley: but it worked out for me :upside_down_face:. Remember the Spencer’s defenses, god they would end it with a pick :woozy_face::face_with_head_bandage::exploding_head:

I wouldn’t get down on Sander’s throwing yet. This was his first full game of the season. He has played one full game and 2 series so far this season. He is behind his learning and experience curve due to injury last season and this season. Great fortitude taking an intentional fist to the groin and staying in the game after that. I’ll hold off judgement till end of season.


I’m with u, but would like it if he would just throw one pic a game or fumble his choice​:joy::crazy_face::face_with_head_bandage::woozy_face::innocent:. On a more sober note anybody notices miles found another way to lose. Ku was scared to punt the ball they went to pouch kicks by the qb.

Assalley has to be the worst last name of all time


He was 20-29 (roughly 69 percent) for 235 yards. That’s not stellar, but in the same token we didn’t ask Illingworth to do a lot either. Sanders problem (just my opinion) is he seems to get excited to make a bonus play when all he really needs to do is be a game manager on offense.

While he’s not a great thrower he is decent enough to get the ball where it needs to go. He has enough playmakers around him to make that happen. His ability to be able to evade a defense or add an element as another runner is something that Illingworth doesn’t have (Sorry he is just slow).

I think Illingworth is a more crisp passer, but you have a good enough defense and enough offensive playmakers that Sanders really doesn’t have to do a ton. He just needs to clean up some of the decision making a little bit and take the yards the defense is willing to give him.

That is exactly what I was talking about in an earlier post. If you trust your defense why not go for it on 4th and 2 from the Iowa State 40 and bleed the clock some more if you convert? Instead Gundy purposely got a delayed game call and punted the ball away. Didn’t make any sense to me considering the way Iowa State WAS able to move the balk in the defense was on big plays in desperation mode.

Mason Rudolph also fumbled once every game with nobody hitting him. So he gets a pass?

Mason Rudolph never won the conference either.

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OSU had a chance to put ISU away early and Gundy was probably too conservative. We really should not have had to deal with recovering an onside kick to win the game. Being too conservative got us to that. We could have won by 10 or 13 if Gundy just kept going on 4th and 1. Also the play calling was too conservative where you run the ball when the opposition has stacked the box to stop the run. If at least one of the downs was a pass (on a RPO) where it is a low risk option, it would have at least kept ISU defense honest. For Texas, Gundy may want to just run the offense on full throttle… then we can find out how good this team is given the Defense is really really good.

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The play calling absolutely STINKS! I feel bad for the offensive playmakers esp Chuba and Tylan. We do them no favors. What patterns do we throw to Tylan besides go routes, back-shoulder fades and jump balls? Any slants, outs, out-and-ups aka chair, hooks, etc? As far as our run game it’s very base. Any misdirection, any pulling guard, any counter type plays in the playbook? I don’t realy care for our RPO plays when Spencer runs either, not very imaginative.

Good teams will beat us.

The PI call on Tylan and them picking up the flag when he was clearly held were doofy. As far as SS, the first one you can’t get down on him about, great play by the LB to catch the tipped pass. SS can be far more effetive w/ better play calling.

Remember when they rarely called slants for Corndog? I don’t remember a one called yesterday…

I said that too during the game. I feel bad for the kid, I’m sure he got beatdown w/ “jokes” from classmates over that name…

The pi on tylan was a touch foul and be. His to bad fouls was hold( receives got to make their blocks clean he is a senior) the other was motion ( receivers are like centers don’t get motion calls) sanders well what can I say when u have " the belief":fairy:‍♀

Really that’s who ur going with​:man_facepalming: is it just u had to answer me back. Mason had the worst off line​:dizzy_face: u don’t really want to compare numbers​:shushing_face: and half of weedon sacks were him falling down ( self inflicted):face_with_head_bandage: