10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 27-15 Victory against Arizona State

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On quarterbacks, opening up the defense and more.

Korhe Black left the field either injured or gassed, someone was attending to him. Ollie playing very little suggests limiting his hits so he can last rest of the season. Or he is nursing a slight injury. I also think they want to see what Nixon contribute. They need 3 RBs. Overall, we looked bad on both sides of the ball. I predicted before this season we win 7. After tonight, it looks more like 6. O- line is porous. Gundy impressive so far as QB. Not impressed with Bowman. Rangel likely to go portal. Looks like it could be a 2 QB system for conference play. Bowman-Gundy.


I think Gundys treating non con like NFL preseason because starting next year you just have to win your conference the rest don’t matter. As far as qb’s go I must’ve been watching a different game because I think Bowman is firmly in 3rd place after 2 games. I think Rangel offers the most upside, his passes are zippy he has the most arm strength. Gundy is the safe bet he understands the offense keeps everything on schedule not as likely to make the wow plays because of his arm but probably the least turnover prone. Bowman gets rid of the ball the quickest but some of his throws have been inaccurate (like the in route to Bray that should’ve been incomplete) and he can’t move in the pocket.


Interesting takes, I was thinking too Rangel hitting the transfer portal. I’m still high on Rangel, Gundy is a good game manager if we run the ball and not solely depend on him to throw. I don’t like Gundy’s arm talent. Rangel on the other hand gah can he can zip it and had strength. The way this game started out for me was quick tempo for Bowman the pro style for the other two QBs. More impressed with out defense this time

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Kudos to Cole Birmingham. There were a handful of plays I noticed him franticly waving for an ambulance for whichever player was about to be killed by his missed block.


The last point might be OSUs saving grace
Looks like the Big 12 overall is having a down year.

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I can’t believe how bad our offense sucks. Boring, unimaginative, no movement, no misdirection, nothing. Absolutely nothing has changed from the past couple of years, other than we’re actually worse. Glad the defense finally started to tackle in the second half. That first half was brutal.

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Defense did look a lot better in second half. I assume #95 is Jaleel Johnson. He wasn’t on my radar, but he looked the part and showed up making plays.

But let’s be honest: one pass drop by ASU probably would’ve went for a TD.

Also need to clean-up the Delay of Game when we had it 1st-and-Goal from the 2. Coaching staff owns that penalty.


No comments about how the O-line looks below average yet again, huh? I guess not much more to say about that, except it’s going to result in a number of losses against better teams.

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Plus we have to have the easiest schedule amongst all Big 12 teams.

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My nags is we should be down to deciding between two QBs by now. Bowman isn’t the Bowman from Texas Tech we’ve seen before. Apart of me feels like pick Gundy or Rangel. I’m in favor of Rangel over Gundy because I feel like he can do more than just be a game manager. If we want to rely more on the run game I’m fine with Gundy. One thing for sure we got some wide receivers. Also the offensive was a little better but needs more work. Seems like the defense got in more than they should to our QBS.

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OK I’m a Gundy guy but this QB thing needs to stop. I get it that there really isn’t a lot of difference between them but if there is no difference, sit Bowman and let the guys that will be here next year get the experience. Surely a decision will be made before Iowa State. Please…….


“When we’re all questioning when Gundy punts later this year on a fourth-and-short near midfield, let’s remember this day.”

It was 20-15 at the time. The ASU coach had two timeouts and 6:00 left in the game. It didn’t make any sense at all. It would’ve made more sense to punt because he’s not defending against a very good offense either. Gundy normally punts midfield in the 4th when he’s already down and has no chance of a comeback. He’ll practically just give up.

Perfect assessment. Treating non-Conf like NFL preseason to test out the schemes, play calls, and players.
Agree with the QB assessment. Bowman has locked down 3rd place twice in a row now. Rangel is smooooth as silk running the offense and looks to the best passer. Gundy is also very smooth running the O.

I would add that what Gundy is doing is getting the Locker room (job #1) and Fanbase/Media (job #2) to reach the proper conclusions themselves, so the pissing and moaning about our players is mitigated.

Think of the crap narratives and crap questions media would spin if he had named anyone other than Shiny Penny as QB1. And then of course the “can’t pick a QB” crap narratives and needling grand standing questions when he had to replace Shiny Penny with the better QB.

So when these do come up (Media, get your big girl panties on) Gundy can chop down the “influencers” for any grand standing attempts.

For Oklahoma State University, the players, and the fanbase this “gift” would be well worth the loss of a non-Conf game (which hasn’t happened).

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On the Portal topic for our QB’s. Which QB’s are at most “risk” of being poached?

  • Bowman - even if not 1 and done, he’s not likely getting reigns to a top 25 team
  • Gundy - would be snatched up immediately but not likely a top 25
  • Rangel - with his arm talent, mobility and decision making he can land a top 25 starting slot.

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  1. The first half we had 12 rushes for 0 yards. The second half we had 19 rushes for 113 yards (5.9 per carry). A couple of those rushes were large gains. The second half rushing was better, but we still need to be more consistent on our 4-7 yard rushes. The OL still needs to be a lot better.

  2. I know ASU was bringing some heat at times, but the pass protection wasn’t all that great in this game.

  3. The defense looked a little poor in the first half. ASU was getting good consistent gains in the rush game and they weren’t doing anything out of the ordinary. We busted coverage on some huge pass plays as well. Kept getting cut up from underneath passes. Second half was much better. I think the defense held ASU to less than 100 total yards in the second and the most important thing overall was zero points.

  4. Everything is still frustrating offensively. It’s inconsistent and we don’t seem to come out of the gate running on offense like we used to. I guess that’s fine as long as we gain positive yardage and eventually score. I don’t know if I’m a big fan of playing guys one quarter and then leaving them out for multiple quarters. I think it just kind of takes the rhythm out of things and doesn’t allow a player to heat up. Then again it’s not bad to have a roster full of guys with game experience either.

  5. Still think Rangel is the guy going forward. I don’t merely look at stats, but also how they operate in the pocket and how they adjust to the defense. Rangel in my opinion has done the better job of the three in those regards. If we can just shore up the OL a bit in the run game and be more consistent with a Clint Chelf type QB we will be fine.

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