10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 28-13 Loss to Oklahoma

Your right and right

Dickey has a proven track record. He has had 8 guys leave the program for various reason and a boat load of injuries.

They still scored 33 points against bama

Ok your a genius monkey is the best ever

So a pic six is now offense score. The 2 pics and force 5 fg had nothing to do with the georgia win.

I’m just messing around If I was the OC at OSU with Sanders at QB… My base offense would be the option read setting up the pass and to get the running backs involved to help manage the game and to get critical plays when needed. I love the pistol formations and love some TE play with having to get up under center when needed. I miss the old I Formations and pro style formations. I wonder if anyone has tried to run those out of the pistol before. Just a random thought. I primarily love defense better and did some DC with middle school teams it was fun. I’d love to finish my degree one day and try to coach something higher.

I would like to see more option
I dnt think this beat up line can pull

Defensively speaking we are ranked 126th in pass defense. Did Mason really think OU was going to be more centered around establishing the run instead of trying to pass? Is he really that gullible of a coach? Lebby is a guy that likes to play fast offense and keep the defense on their toes. Did he not study anything the guy did at UCF and Ole Miss? Lebby knows the OU defense isn’t any good and he’s going to do what he can offensively to establish an early lead. He also knows our tackling sucks and we consistently bust coverages. Why would he not center is offense around attacking our secondary? He knows the best unit we have is our defensive line.

OU is also 114th in rush defense. That should be a testament to just how bad we are at running the ball and blocking. The OL woes have been a consistent problem for years. If you can’t run the ball you eventually do Gundy’s favorite thing which is punt. If you don’t want the defense to get hammered and to actually have hope of putting points on the board then find a fuucking way to establish a decent running game in the future instead of relying on a QB with a busted shoulder to pass your team to victory.

Looks like it worked out for TCU when they finally gave Patterson the boot and brought in Dykes. Players neither Dykes or his current staff recruited btw. It’s not impossible for another coach to come into an average program and have more success initially than the one that left after 15-20 years of coaching there. Sometimes change can be a good thing. Who would you rather have? Bob Simmons or Les Miles?

Wow you are Relentless. Hope your crying all off season

I was at the Big 12 championship game watching us repeatedly fail to get into the end zone multiple times because of arrogant play calling and our inability to be creative offensively which eventually led to us losing another opportunity to secure our second Big 12 title.

Yeah but those usually get in the way of people’s agenda and excuses. Good luck trying to convince someone with those.

You’re the one crying while the rest of us here are trying to bring forth ideas, visions, or solutions to figure out how to make the program better instead of making excuses for it.

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What ideas. You want to fire everyone. That is not a solution ask ku tech Nebraska a&m and amy number of other programs. Thats a buy out machine happening.
Give money for great nil deals. Less talk more money

Monken was our OC when we won our one and only conference title. Knowles defenses got better every season he was here and eventually gave us the best defense in the Gundy era that didn’t have to rely on turnovers to stop the other team. I’m sure going to a blue blood makes things easier, but it doesn’t mean the guys are bad assistant coaches.

Monkey came in with the best offensive team we have every had
What was his second year like.

Knowless got better or got more experienced players. Our bigest reason we were getting beat was we had great lb that he didnt recruit. What is the biggest reason wete have problems is lb. That knowless didnt recruit. Sloved those problems

I never mentioned anything about firing anyone. All I’ve said is find ways to make things better or get out of the way and let someone in that knows how to do that in today’s modern age. I’m thankful that Gundy got the program to consistently winning, but I agree with most people on here when they say he hasn’t changed any of his philosophies. When that happens you can just expect more of the same. If our fan base, alums, and boosters are serious about winning conference titles or playing for them on a consistent basis it’s not going to happen with Gundy’s current philosophy.

Patterson was at TCU for years and won a couple of major bowl games and had some excellent seasons, but was eventually booted because he couldn’t change with the times or newer evolutions of college football. Now look at what Dykes is doing his first season there? I’m not saying Gundy should be fired, but he probably needs to take some time to self reflect and figure out how to consistently get to the point of championship culture. I don’t mind Cowboy culture because I believe you do need to put in the work and become better, but totally disregarding the transfer portal or certain recruits because you don’t think it’s beneficial for the program as a whole may not necessarily be true. That could be stubborn thinking.

From what I’ve seen over the years there is nothing I’ve seen from Gundy to make me believe any of that will happen. Maybe he will and I’ll be wrong, I don’t know. I just don’t see it happening. There are two things the last three seasons that have not been great. Our OL and our play calling. If you want to be a consistent contender those two things are going to be essential. The 2021 OL wasn’t bad, but I also believe Sanders and Warren had a lot to do with making sure it didn’t look as bad as it possibly was. If Gundy came out at the end of the season and announced Dunn and Dickey weren’t returning at the end of the season I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Because I’ve not seen anything the past three seasons that suggests that both of them have what it takes to be coaching at a top 25 program. We can make all the excuses we want for them, but at the end of the day they have to do their job effectively and if it’s not up to par then they should consider parting ways with the program.

As an OC?

Passing Offense- 2nd nationally

Rushing Offense- 51st (5.4 yards per rush)

Total Offense- 3rd nationally

That was after that historic 2011 team. I don’t understand what point you’re trying to make here? If it’s to say he’s not that good of an OC then I think you’re wrong.

Again you say he hasnt changed. So your say this offense is the same as with weeden. Your saying gundy hasnt put more recruits on defense.
You want us to get amy coach that can put us on probation.


We had 4 lineman leave last year all for more playing time. 3 are startinf one found out he wasnt that wamt and retired. You think a great nil deal mite have helped. We went and got 3 upper classmean only 1 worked out. Yes portal is great.

Knowless brought in no lb when he was here. Killed us this year.

Look at reality not you want the best out of a pile of chit.

Ohio State went from 38th to 10th in defense with Knowles in 1 year.

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