10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 28-13 Loss to Oklahoma

This offense is different. We don’t throw to the C.W. and we run basic plays. That’s a change for the worse and not the better. We aren’t consistent on offense anymore. That’s the change. We’ve went from what works to what doesn’t. I’m talking about Gundy’s core philosophies of playing not to lose. Things like settling for a FG when you’re down 28-0. Punting from the opponent’s 40 in the second half and wasting more time on the clock. Gary Patterson did chit like that just right before he got canned from TCU.

Yes he gave more scholarships to the defense, but it’s not going to do any good if your offense can’t find itself down field or put points on the board. It doesn’t do any good if the defense is being stuck on the field 75% of the time and getting worn out because the offense can’t hold a sustained drive to give the D a breather. The entirety of a football team works as a single unit. That also includes the coaches and what they’re willing to do to win. The model of recruiting in the 30’s and 40’s coupled with hiring average assistants will get you exactly what Gundy has consistently done. Get 8 wins, or possibly get lucky to add more and win an average bowl game.

Last year I was waiting on gundy to win a championship but that didn’t happen. He let a new coach in the big twelve win one instead. Gundy had what it took to win and should have but like every year he did not. Where were you?

Robert just dosent like any coach that brings osu any success if you haven’t figured that out. He likes the ones that well…suck and shitts on the was that are good so don’t try to figure his brain out because it’s bass acwards. Roberto likes mediocre and if you talk about success he will try in a bad way to point you the other direction. This is why he sticks up for Dunn and Mason and gundy. Don’t bother.

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I think we should dump the zone defense. What ever happened to Mason was going to run Knowles defense?

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Monken is getting ready to win the Natty with the best Defense in football.

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And they still are scoring more than us this last month with a walkon qb.

You know what a blue blood school( texas) and a mediocre coach ( gundy) have in common? Winning %

@DickeySucksAtHisJob lol like i said your a genius. Compareing us to a bb. That top 5 recruiting class got them 3 more points this weekend. You make this to easy. Think things thur before you spout off

Texas sucks. It’s not hard to figure out. They’re bad.

So what? Our offense is not very good and Georgia the#1 team in the country so you’re saying their offense is better than ours….did you really just try to make that point?

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Robert is discrediting Knowles and monken. Monken landed himself a job at a top 5 team just like Knowles. And yeah he is winning a natty with a walkon qb. We couldn’t win a conference title with a top 3 defense.

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Dude we just lost to the worst OU team since 1998. This isn’t the Bob Simmons OSU days any longer. Why is that so hard to understand?

Trying to discredit Knowles and Monken seems really stupid. They’ve both proven their worth as coordinators. Even after 2011 Monken still gave us the 3rd best offense in the country in 2012, and that was a season we juggled around with three different quarterbacks (none who went to the NFL btw).

All Knowles defense did was get better every season he was at OSU. His first season we finished 97th and so far Derek Mason is 117th in his first season. Robert likes to make the excuse that it wasn’t Knowles recruits. As far as I’m concerned you still have to develop players while they’re in college :man_shrugging:.

When Robert tries to make that argument of discrediting those guys in defense of Gundy, Dunn, Wickline or whoever else it may be it’s an illogical point. He’s using emotion to make his defense and choosing Monken and Knowles to discredit is an extremely bad example.

Well, the Bulldogs had 5 players from that defense drafted in the first round and will have a few more this year. We don’t have any first round players….

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Whooptydoo. This team has looked absolutely pathetic the last month. They have been complete garbage. That’s coaching. And for Robert to discredit the 2 best coordinators we’ve had is comical.

Lol you and your sister nun @bill18 are hilarious.

I asked a long time ago was 2011 the best offensive team we had because it was stacked with the most talent.

You gurls say im delusional about gundy. I point out serious issue about knowless and you to come unhinged. You start taking about stuff you know nothing about. Who did knowless coach up. Its widely known knowless did recruit or coach.

Im sorry that your fairy tale has just turned to a nightmare.

Technical Bennett is not a walkon. He did walkon then transfered out. Then he was offered a scholarship from Georgia after his juco year.

Texas may let you suck them. But, still is a blue blood.

You two deflect and project trying to make sense to yourselves that gundy hired two coordinators that used osu and didnt give us much back.

You know it would be cheaper to give gundy a great nil deal then to firing him. Iove it how you keep say you didnt say fire at the same time saying it would get a hellofa good coach. Miles and soon a&m coach will be free. Are those your heros. Neither of you can name this great coach you want

“Didn’t give us much back.” LMFAOOOOOO! They gave us our 1 title and our 1 title game appearance. I’m sure Gundy would love to have you be the one asking him questions post game. Won’t question a ■■■■ thing he does. You are a puppet.

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Lol your a straight result guy. Beside hopscotch and thumb wrestling have you played a sport.

Here is a result for you. If guys who win things are good coaches. Why didnt jimmy and les not win us a title. Les really did show ku how good he was. Did he beat ou when he was in Lawrence.

You know i can let you have knowless since he was here for awhile. Even tho he took the real lb coach with him.

But, there is nothing monken did but play call. If you think only monkey could win that title in 2011 yout on really good drugs.

I know your an idiot when you tell me monkey scored 33 against Alabama.

Osu was a sub par program until gundy.

Perhaps one of the ways we can measure how far OSU’s gridiron program has gone is to read the responses of fans after losses.

To frame this statement, let me say this: one of my favorite things to do is to get up and read the paper and online postings from Sooner Nation after an OU loss. OU fans ALWAYS call for the firing of a coach or AD or Chancellor or Governor. Somebody MUST be held accountable because OU shouldn’t lose! Ever!

Unfortunately, our Cowboy fan base is getting more like this. I’m proud we have an alumnus leading our program. “Loyal & True” means something. We aren’t going to win every game; and we’ll lose some we should win (and we’ll win some we should lose). Our staff will have strong games and they’ll have days when things fall flat – not that different from the rest of us in our chosen careers.

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He didn’t even try to win the game that’s the goddamn problem. You go out there and play to win like corndogs year there’s no issues. Leave it all out there and if you come up short it is what it is. Gundy and the rest of this staff were waiving the white flag at the word go.

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Your an idoit. What going on 4th and 9 is playing to win. I dnt know how mean late 4th downs wasted because some coach was playing to WIN.

Lsst game i say was tech tcu. Plenty of time left score was close tech went on 4th down. So tech in your mind playef to win. In my mind they didnt get the 4th down, tcu scored and tech played to LOSE.