10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 33-7 Loss to South Alabama

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This is on par for most embarrassing performance with the likes of Kansas State last season. Just how do you come to a game so ill prepared?


I think the team was prepared. The O-line is as bad as last season. None of our QBs are good enough. Our OC is not good. Our defense can’t stop the run. Nor can they defend the pass very well. Overall, it still seems like it’s just not a good team. OC and O-line coach need to be replaced. Take a page from Prime, get rid of a lot of players and make better choices in the portal. When I learned that Bowman was our portal pick, I knew we would not be good. Gundy has done enough to have a few bad seasons without people calling for his job. He has to now buy better players.


The absolute miracle ceiling for this team is now 4 wins. More than likely we saw our last win last week in Arizona. And if you think I’m just being negative - what gave you any optimism today? Seriously.

Gundy has no pressure and no fire and it shows. The team has no identity. This is the future of OSU football while Gundy sticks around. He’s done even if he’s not fired.

And again this week he has the audacity to say we just got outcoached. How many more weeks do we and the athletic director have to swallow that until we say “you know what? You’re right.”

What a pathetic joke.

Ask yourself - if you’re an athlete in the portal, do you come to Oklahoma State? Why on earth would you? Because no one else will have you.


Unacceptable. Dunn and Dickey have to go. Nardo should get two seasons to get it right. If not, then hire a proven DC. Gundy needs to grow a pair and make some hard decisions.


I had predicted a 6-6 record for OSU at the start of the season. Through 3 games, it looks like I was either spot on or being optimistic. This is at best a mediocre team.
I hate to say this but it looks like we’re getting an OU v. Texas Big 12 conference championship game…

That was bad. Really, really, REALLY bad.

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Time for changes on the staff….Washington St doesn’t have a conference next year. Hire Ben Arbuckle away from the cougars and get the offense at OSU back on track. Arbuckle is from the Texas panhandle so it’d be a chance to get closer to home.


Unfortunately, our golf team is also not good.

Let me re-state that: our golf team is also bad.

They’ve been trending down for 2 years

Gundy is too loyal to Dunn and Dickey. Weiberg is too loyal to Gundy. The PRESS is too loyal to Gundy and too intimidated by him to ask hard questions. This is a nightmare scenario - everyone is too frozen to do anything to shake it up.

I say this with all love for my Pokes, but honestly, truly I hope we get smoked every game from here on out, because something that drastic has to happen to shake things up. Limping along to 6-6 won’t put any heat under Gundy’s ass at all. And that’s NOT what we need.


I don’t think it was mentioned about stribbling but the pass to him shouldn’t had been thrown. And there was another pass by Bowman where if another player caught it, it would had been a nasty hit on him as well. Those are freshman throws or throws to people you don’t like. Not the same Bowman from Tech. What we where trying to do seemed erratic on offense. Possibly over confident using this game as a scrimmage not respecting south Alabama.

From my understanding from internal sources and a some reliable media sources, with OU and Texas gone expectations are going to be higher especially with the playoff expansion. I really thought with one of the best transfer classes we’d do better than 6 win. We’re going to have to change with the times. Going be devastating if super conferences start and we are left out. I think we all know Gundy’s feelings and reactions on it but it’s the times we live in. Someone will probably say culture is more important but it only gets you so far winning at a higher level.

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The press did that last year and a vast majority of OSU fans roasted the guy for it.


I said it after last season, and I’m going to say it again. Why are Dunn and Dickey still here? I heard every excuse in the book last season for poor performance on their part. I think it’s quite obvious through the non-conference the case myself and others made was true. It’s not an injury issue. It’s a coaching and recruiting issue.

If you’re a program that’s been top 10 in wins since 2010 you have no reason to be getting dominated on your own field against a Sunbelt team. Gundy stated he doesn’t like have to recruit his players after every season. That’s tough chit. Times change and you have to adjust to them. We barely touched the portal after the 2021 season, and we replaced what we lost last season with some G5, D2, and D3 players. You can’t combine Dunn, Dickey, and incoming guys like that and expect everything to work out fine. Last night was a result of that.

I also said a couple of days ago we used to get assistant coaches snatched from us in a hurry. Outside of Knowles, tell me what assistant coach has been snatched in a hurry from OSU over the last decade? Then people wonder why we haven’t won a Big 12 championship in 12+ years? Feels like we’re heading in the Pat Jones direction. Make the program good for a little while. Then leave it in shambles by the time you leave.


What can we do? For one, the NIL collective is going to have to grow large enough so we can emulate Texas and make sure every offensive and defensive lineman is guaranteed at least $50K.

Every other problem set aside (and there are many), this game begins and ends at the line of scrimmage. Our offensive line is woeful – maybe the worst in country. Recruiting is to blame for that.

Q: Why doesn’t “Body by Glass” translate to the o-linemen?

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My cousin is a donor and Graduated with Shrum, they’ll get tired of it trust me. Was reported depending on how this season goes they’ll be talks. He’ll probably get a fire lit under his you know what. I’ve never ever in my life have said to fire the guy but I do think he’s done what he could do. I don’t think he has the relationship with his players like he use to and so embedded with culture not to budge off his ego which there’s no denying that.


You sure about that? Especially after this season when OU and Texas are leaving? You think we need to pay 50K a piece for decent lineman? I’m just wanting them to be decent. I’m not asking them to be stellar or anything. Maybe stop starting guys who don’t practice :man_shrugging:.

Because you’re not good enough to be second string at a BB, or you’re not good enough to start at Iowa. Or perhaps, if you’re a G5, D2, or D3 player you might be good enough to make the roster and watch the game from the sidelines your entire collegiate career.

“emulate Texas…guaranteed $50k” That is an absolute pipedream. Unrealistic and unnecessary. South Alabama doesnt have NIL pockets. KState doesnt either. OSU will never be in that realm of NIL and they dont have to be in order to be successful. NIL is something that should be an addition to a program. A bonus. It cant be the focal point. The OSU football program currently has a problem that NIL cannot fix.