10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 36-25 Victory against Baylor

Originally published at: 10 Thoughts on Oklahoma State's 36-25 Victory against Baylor | Pistols Firing

From the press box in Waco.

Did Rashod Owens get in the game?

Have to give credit to @robert28 for his call on special teams would do in Baylor.


In all honesty, I was dumb founded when Baylor ran that toss sweep in the endzone which resulted in the safety.


I think that was our biggest road win since A&M in 2011. We will not see a better DLine the rest of the regular season. Probably not a better OLine either. We should win the line of scrimmage the rest of the way.


Ksu are both good too. Ksu have better ends, baylor has better tackles.


It really was the difference. The excellent punts, the KO return, not giving up big returns, making all of our FGs.


I thought it was crazy that Aranda went for it on 4th and 2 from his own 33.


It worked, but it was still stupid.

I know he played, just dnt know how much.

:cowboy_hat_face: :football: :cowboy_hat_face:Some games, it is spectacular plays called and made on both sides of the ball. Some games, like this one, it is the fewest questionable calls made, fewest player errors that wins. I am often very critical of offense and defensive calls and schemes from the sidelines, so I would be having a fit if a Baylor fan!!

Our defense still needs work on the back end. But, I told a co-worker that Baylor scoring to get back to 10 down was probably the best thing that could happen. Gundy couldn’t start trying to milk the clock in the 3rd quarter! Nice win, GO POKES!! :cowboy_hat_face: :football:

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I watched the TCU/OU game and TCU seems legit. I wasn’t worried about them prior to the game yesterday but I am now.

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OU’s defense would’ve been more effective if they put jerseys on 11 ottomans.

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Yeah they had like 4 busted coverages that led to 1 play touchdowns

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Right might as well throw a HB screen

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I think we may have our hands full against Tech, KSU, TCU, and Kansas St. They have mobile QBs likes us and love to attack deep, attack the middle, and one team loves to alternate the run with it’s QB and Running back. Unless Kansas loses only them and TCU worry me most as of this moment. I really thought the conference was going to be like last year almost exactly.


Really impressed w young guys. Mason Cobb is a stud. And Kendall Daniels is gonna be a problem fir big 12 offenses. He was all over the place. Big. Reminds of the Legion of Boom DBs


The first time it didn’t work. The second time when he went for it on 4th and 5 it was a 75 yard touchdown pass. I think that’s the one you’re referring to.

I’ve seen a couple of people on here say it was the midfield coverage. I agree with those statements. That was the area Baylor essentially was able to get huge gains and a score.

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Yeah. Stupid both times. Worked once.